Siquijor Redux

Self’s first trip to this magically beautiful island was in December 2010.

A little over a year later, self returned.

The wharf in Dumaguete, where self and Zack caught the 9 a.m. ferry to Siquijor
Self could not take her eyes off this fabulous Hello Kitty balloon, in the waiting area, prior to boarding the ferry.
Zack struck up a scintillating conversation with this young woman, while riding the jeep from Siquijor to Lassi.
It was pretty amazing: everyone getting on or off the jeepney had to climb over three sacks of rice that someone had thoughtfully placed right by the entrance. It made for some pretty awkward maneuvering, but no one complained.
Self found herself paying more attention to the interior of the Church of San Isidro Labrador in Lassi
Next to Rene Ontal’s beach house in Lassi
A private piece of the wonder that is Siquijor

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