“Bucket List,” a Joint Installation by Jun Jun Montelibano and Cindy Ballesteros, Orange Gallery, Mandalagan, Bacolod City

Self has just discovered the Orange Gallery in Mandalagan, next to Lopue’s.

This month’s exhibit is a collaboration between artists Jun Jun Montelibano and Cindy Ballesteros.  The name of the exhibit?  “Bucket List.”

The artists invited people to write in their “bucket list” (The Urban Dictionary defines a bucket list as “a list of things to do before you die.” Self does not understand the “bucket” imagery.  But, that’s neither here nor there.  The most important thing is that self knows what a bucket list is.  And that she will refrain from all further digressions, at least in the current post)

The more interesting items were written on stickies and tacked on a bulletin board at the entrance to the gallery.  Self could spend hours just reading these stickies, but here are a few that she managed to jot down in her handy all-purpose notebook:

  • Make fresh pasta
  • Meet Obama
  • Travel to Paris all expenses paid
  • Own a luxury car
  • Surf
  • To go to the Maldives and to be a billionaire
  • To exhibit in Australia!
  • Maging milyonaryo
  • To meet and greet Chuck Norris
  • Acquire cooking skills
  • Build a house in a resort or maski diin basta kilid baybay in the Philippines
  • Madaug award (Best PD)
  • Skydive!
  • Have intense sex for three days, with the one I love
  • Tour sa space
  • Be close friends with Mila Kunis
  • Lantaw the concert ni Michael Jackson

And here is self’s own personal “bucket list”:

  • Build a house in Bacolod
  • Write an award-winning crime thriller
  • Have her writing praised by Stephen King or Sherman Alexie
  • Eat Café 1925 sunny wafers all day without gaining a pound
  • Visit Siquijor at least once a year
  • Spend her birthday (July 14) in Paris

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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