Cogito Ergo Sum

Self finally knocked herself out at 3-something a.m.  Ergo, this morning, she has tremendous eyebags.  And feels groggy.  Ergo, she has a dire need for coffee.  Ergo, she has to order from room service.  Since the coffee here is served in teensy-teensy, infinitesimally tiny cups (more like espresso cups), she might have to request three.  Ergo, self wonders whether it wouldn’t be better to go to Café Uma for her coffee this morning.  But in Café Uma, it seems stupid to pay for coffee with a credit card, which is all she can use to pay for things now, as her debit card, she just  discovered, doesn’t seem to work anymore in Bacolod (It did the last trip.  Times, they are a-changin’ !)

There are two cold bottles of San Miguel beer in the room fridge.  They were there when she first arrived.  But the time will surely come when self will need them.

Laundry Lady said that self was fat.  She gestured towards the lower half of self’s face.  Alas, such is life.  Ergo, from now on self will have to start skipping meals.  It’s either that or do something about turkey neck.  Is surgery a possibility?  Ixnay!

When you order Sago’t Gulaman from Aboy’s, it turns out to be neon pink liquid (of course, with little balls of sago) poured over crushed ice, penetratingly sweet.

Since self is still distressed at the discovery, yesterday, that she’s become fat (Laundry Lady comments are the undeniable truth; she never lies, even to someone who’s given her big fat tips in the past–  BWAH HA HA!), she can’t decide what to wear.  Might as well stay in bed all day, then!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.