“Justified” Season 3, Episode 6

Self is still waiting for this season to catch fire.

On the other hand, Raylan looked really good in last night’s episode:  He was wearing a very dark blue long-sleeved T.  If we cannot see Raylan shirtless, the next best thing is seeing him in a tight, long-sleeved, dark T.

The series seems to be getting dark.  Reeeallly dark.  Though the Evil Malevolence of last year’s Mags Bennett is still un-matched.

Last night’s episode began with two very skanky-looking young women jumping out of a truck, lifting their shirts to expose their very new-looking colored bras to the grateful truck driver, then going into a clinic and asking for Oxy from a very baby-faced doctor.  He refuses and self thinks quite highly of him, for about three seconds.  Then, one of the young women locks the door and there is a very brief, slightly suggestive sex scene, and then a shooting.

In last night’s office scenes, the desk of Rachel Brooks (Erica Taziel), who was great in two previous episodes, was quite noticeably empty.  Perhaps she was on assignment out-of-town.  There was a wee glimpse of Jacob Pitts in the background, talking to someone.  Self’s hopes rose unreasonably at the sight of him.  There were about three seconds of him talking to Raylan, and saying something sardonic.  That was it.  Gaaa —  it’s already Episode 6, and Mr. Pitts has yet to figure prominently in any story arc.  What is wrong with this picture?

Ava’s face is getting harder.  She hardly smiles anymore.  Last night, she was wearing a bright orange sweater dress (Orange is definitely Ava’s color).

Wynona has left Raylan.  He tracks her down to her sister’s house and she appears looking sultry and seductive in a loose, very low-cut dress.  OK, this is yet another of those refreshing changes that make us think of a character in a new way.  For instance, because she is so often attired in pencil skirts, self thinks of Wynona as more uptight than the other lead female, Ava.  But in last night’s episode, she and Ava seemed to have switched roles:  that is, Wynona’s breasts were very much in evidence while Ava’s were firmly entrenched in that long-sleeved, orange sweater.

After the episode ended, self stayed on F/X because she knew the episode would immediately repeat.  This is one show that definitely rewards repeat viewing.  She caught so many nuances that had completely slipped by her, the first time.  And rather than the stand-alone episodes of Season 1, the writers seem to have decided in favor of “story arcs” (and self is really getting desperate for some action.  How about Jacob Pitts going back into sharpshooter mode?  Where oh where is Carla Gugino?)

One of the garden variety Bad Guys looks like the husband/wife abuser in the film adaptation of the Andre Dubus story, “Killings.” (The film was “In the Bedroom,” and represented something of a comeback for Marisa Tomei)

One of self’s favorite scenes in last night’s episode was the one where Ava enters a bar and is offered a job by that Garden Variety Bad Guy.  She reads him pretty quick but still exercises that sly charm.

Self’s favorite episodes so far this season have been the two where Erica Taziel’s character, Rachel Brooks, stepped up.  One of these episodes also gave quite a bit of screen time to Chief Art Mullen, and he was wonderful.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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