Happy Happy February 2012

Obama and Air Force One were at SFO this morning.  Self saw people running toward the plate glass windows, using their cell phones to take pictures of something out there that we’d just been told over the PA system was the President’s plane.  Of course, there were at least a dozen planes out there, and all of them looked exactly alike, and self did not feel moved to snap any pictures.

Anyhoo, 2012 is going to be a grreeeat year.  In fact, it is already greaat.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Last night, son accepted her “Friend” invitation on Facebook.  When she first informed son that she had a Facebook page, his response was:  “Well, I’m never going to friend you.”  Aaaaww.  But he relented.  Finally.
  • She visited India (the northern part.  Which she didn’t even know existed.  Seriously.  She actually contemplated watching the changing of the guard ritual at India’s border with Pakistan.  She learned that you can ride seven hours in a car in India and listen to country music — some Elvis, some other country singer, the Carpenters —  and that this music will forever mark the point at which you left Himachal Pradesh and entered Punjab.  She also got to watch a laser light show at the Red Fort in New Delhi.  Self distinctly remembers telling Mrinalini she could do without the show, but there we were anyway, shivering in the extreme cold of a January New Delhi night.  Green and red lasers played over the walls of the old fort, and a booming voice projected over a dark lawn to a row of wooden benches where self, Mrinalini, Sarah and about a dozen other hardy souls shivered together for an hour of listening to a man’s voice recite the great and fascinating history of the Moghul empire, complete with audio re-enactment of certain scenes, such as one between an emperor referred to as “The Merry Monarch” and his new bride.  There was a very double entendre exchange about watermelons, much ha ha ha-ing.  And all self could think was:  Holy moly!  I should have worn two sweaters!  India is freezing!)  In the end, Mrinalini finally dozed off, and Sarah and self were left to contemplate more historical nuggets.
  • Self is visiting son in Claremont this weekend.  She wanted to go last year, but she got busy, then son got busy.  But suddenly fortune smiled on self, for son informed her that it would be OK for her to come visit this weekend.  Happy happy joy joy!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

“Revenge” Last Night (The Engagement Party): Belated Reaction To

The # 1 question in self’s mind is:

What is going to happen to that young woman who’s been passing herself off as “Amanda Clarke” ???  Last night she finally cast off the clutches of Emily Thorne (aka the REAL Amanda Clarke) and went running to that hunky bar owner, Jack Porter, and they managed to have (at long last!) a very tender embrace, only Fake Amanda then went running away from Jack’s boat, and got picked up by an SUV, and when Jack looked at the fingers that only moments ago had been holding the warm body of Fake Amanda, he discovered with a feeling of (no doubt) utter dismay that his fingers were covered in blood.


Last night’s episode was very exciting because someone was murdered on the beach, during Daniel and Emily’s engagement party.  While Charlotte and Declan were on the beach, stripping to their underclothes in preparation for what one assumed was to be a bold and risqué scene of night swimming, they realized, just in the nick of time, that they were being observed by a mysterious fellow in a hooded sweatshirt.  That is, his cell phone or perhaps someone else’s cell phone went off, tipping the young lovers off to his presence.  Declan then manfully chased him off, not knowing that the Peeping Tom was really (gasp) his own brother, Jack Porter!  Who had gone to the beach in futile pursuit of Fake Amanda!  And that is when Declan and Charlotte notice the body (clad in a tux), face down in the sand.

Charlotte starts screaming!  Someone goes running back to the house and tells Victoria Grayson!  Victoria starts screaming “Daniel!  Daniel!”  Everyone goes running down to the beach!  Victoria Grayson is an absolute wreck!  There’s the murdered guy, face down on the beach, two huge, bloody holes in his white tuxedo!  But when they SPOILER ALERT! turn the body over, it turns out not to be Daniel!  No, it is TYLER!  The man who, a few episodes ago, engaged in tender lip-lock with Nolan Ross!

So, that’s it.  No more Tyler.  Daniel comes shambling in from the dunes and, the poor boy, he is quite incoherent.  So when Victoria Grayson embraces him, and whispers directly in his ear, “Don’t say another word,” he/we are even more reduced to speechlessness!


There was also the appearance of a Mysterious Japanese Man, who Emily Thorne aka the REAL Amanda Clarke seemed to recognize.  Self even thinks —  though in this, as in so much else, she may be mistaken —  she heard Emily call him “Sensei.”

Self must admit, she thinks the casting of this series is just excellent.  As are the clothes.  Every woman at the engagement party was wearing something red, and all the men were in white tuxes (except for Nolan Ross, who was in a red jacket, which is definitive proof —  as if any were still needed —  that Nolan is very much a fish-out-of-water in the Hamptons).  She wishes clothesonfilm would weigh in here, but she’s not sure “Revenge” has caught on in Britain yet.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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