Wrong With Self Today

What is wrong with self today?  She is simply becoming too attached to her computer.

Self stumbled on this blog today.  It’s called Cut the Crap Movie Reviews.

Read through all the various “Best Movies of 2011” posts.  # 80 – #100 are the stinkers.

Her only quibble with the list is: He put “The Book of Eli” somewhere near the bottom!  Noooo!  This movie was seriously entertaining!  At least, self thought it was!

Self is happy to be reminded of the excellence of “The Guard” and “The Trip.” (Horrible titles, though)

Self is patting herself on the back for having successfully avoided watching all but 3 of the “worst movies of the year.”

Also, she doesn’t think “Our Idiot Brother” deserves its bottom-of-the-barrel ranking.

But, go see for yourself, dear blog readers.

Stay tuned.

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