Surprise, Surprise!

It is very sad that self did not get to see Udaipur, but self is sure she will get to see it, some other time.

More important, self learned after arriving in New Delhi, a few weeks ago, that she felt very much at ease among Indians.  That is, self discovered that there were many similarities between the people she met in India and the people she knows back in California and the Philippines.  Self learned that Indians eat several times a day —  almost as often as Filipinos.  And their food is not strangely exotic —  in fact, it is bloody delicious!  And since food is practically her # 1 issue whenever self visits a foreign country, the food issue not being an issue helped self relax right away.  Plus, the open-air markets remind self very much of Manila’s Divisoria.

Upon her return, self found answers to several questions that had lately pre-occupied her.  To wit :

  • Is Mitt Romney still the most likely Republican candidate to run against Obama?  Ixnay!  Rick “the vest” Santorum has surprisingly trumped Mitt “the hair” Romney!  Santorum cleaned up in three states!  Wow!  As recently as a month ago, self could never have anticipated such a remarkable development!
  • Is Silicon Valley still a “happening” place?  In a Letter to the Editor written by a Los Altos resident and published in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, William Burke calls Silicon Valley “the heart of enterprise and inspiration of the world, home of Apple, HP, Cisco, Google, Facebook and many more.”  Wow, let’s be proud, San Francisco Bay Area residents!  Moreover, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco just declared Proposition 8 (ban on same-sex marriages in California) “unconstitutional,” which means there will likely be many dramatic about-faces and hand-wringing in the months/ years to come, at least until the issue is addressed by the U.S. Supreme Court.  More material for blog!  Fabulous!
  • Is President Noynoy of the Philippines still a Mama’s Boy?  Ooops, self meant:  Is Noynoy ever going to get married?  Apparently, the answer is yes!  The love interest had a photograph on p. 1 of Philippine News.  She is, of course, very pretty.  In the Philippines, 87.8 % of the time, appearance = destiny.
  • Does Bella still have all her marbles?  Self is happy to report:  yes!  Exhibit A:  when self crept into the house, the Ancient One lifted her head and began wagging her tail in a most vigorous manner.
  • Are there any upcoming movies self is interested in seeing?  Yes!  Self just saw a preview for a Ryan Reynolds/ Denzel Washington thriller, and another for a Jonah Hill/ Channing Tatum comedy, and yet another for the “Prometheus” movie, starring Sam Worthington and Liam Neeson (Self thinks Worthington looks so much better when his hair is long)
  • What is current Sam Worthington vehicle “Man on Ledge” like?  It has Elizabeth Banks!  Yes!  And Ed Burns!  And that guy from “Hurt Locker” who is suddenly all over the place —  no, not Jeremy Renner, the other guy!  The one who played the uptight dude!  Anthony Mackie!
  • Is America going bananas over the upcoming holiday, Valentine’s?  Yes!  Her neighbor two blocks down the street has hung paper hearts on her gate, and heart-shaped sugar cookies are stacked near the entrance of Safeway.  Today the talk shows were focused on a “Valentine’s Day” theme.  Such as:  how to keep your bouquet of tulips looking fresh, tips from a Sunset Magazine editor.
  • Does the house need a good sweeping?  Of course!  Even with the Ancient One being kept in the San Carlos Pet Hospital (until two nights ago), there are gigantic fur-balls nestled in the corners of the living and dining room.
  • Did self get to watch “Justified” Season 3 Episode 4?  Yes, she did, and though she loves the lackadaisical criminals, and the comedic mayhem, and the face and stance or maybe just about everything of Timothy Olyphant, self thought last night’s episode dragged just a wee bit.  Dewey gets stuck in the neck with a syringe, at least two times.  Both times, self was expecting him to wind up in a body bag, which he does.  But SPOILER ALERT! not permanently.  Neal McDonough, as this season’s potent Evil One, gets to utter some lines of Quirky Bad Guy dialogue.
  • Since self has read six novels in a row since the start of 2012, will her next book be yet another novel?  Ixnay!  Self began delving into Adrian Goldsworthy’s Caesar:  The Life of a Colossus.  Although she has yet to arrive at any bloody parts, and is stuck on a page which describes in minute detail the power held by the Roman Senate, she is sure that very dramatic scenes are there, simply lying in wait.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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