The Shiva Temple in Baijnath, Himachal Pradesh

A Drummer, Shiva Temple, Baijnath

Self dredged up the courage to ring the bell, too (though she couldn't ask anyone to take her picture while doing it)

Odyssey continues.  Drove through many small towns.  Passed Rajiv Gandhi Ayuverdic Medical College.  Passed Palampur.  Passed roadside carts selling Tibetan food.  Passed sign saying SPERM STATION in big, white block letters.

Learned that himachal stands for snow, and pradesh for a place.  The province she is in —  Himachal Pradesh —  means “Place of Snow.”

Somewhere around here is a masseuse and an acupuncturist.  At first possible opportunity, must locate.

Heard again the magical word “Manali” — the name of a four-star resort somewhere in India, but not reachable by self at her present location.

Mind keeps returning to the Snow Crest Inn and the two stoic brothers.  Remembered there occurred an electricity outage during her first night in Dharamsala, and remembered thinking she was about to freeze to death.  Was just about to remove her contacs when it happened.  Crawled into bed.  Shivered.  Was saved.  The heater was again operational.  Minutes after salvation, heard knocks at her door and an urgent male voice inquiring:  “Madame, are you all right?”  Remembered yelling through the door:  “I’m freeeezing!”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Dinner, Snow Crest Inn, Nandini Village, Dharamsala

Here’s what self had for dinner last night, and the previous night as well (sooo yummy!)

Alloo Gobhi and Chicken with Egg Fried Rice (Self instructed the brother who doubles as the cook to "Hold the spice!")

When self first arrived, she told the brothers who work at the front desk of Snow Crest Inn that she would like to order some food from their kitchen, as she hadn’t yet had lunch.  They promptly produced a menu, and then said, “You like Chinese, madame?  We have Chinese!”

Self did not know what to say in response.  She looked down the menu and saw Chicken Kadal, Fried Papad, Allo Prantha.  And, indeed, there were also items like Vegetarian Fried Rice, Vegetarian Chop Shey (???), Cheese Chop Shey (more ???) and American Chop Shey (!!!???)

Since the brothers kept putting forth the fried rice option, self finally agreed to chicken fried rice.  “With egg, Madame?” asked the taller brother (who, self just discovered, is also the cook).

Yes, with egg!

A few minutes later, it was delivered to self’s room.  Do you know, it was the most delicious fried rice self has ever tasted.  Even though the serving was huge, self entirely cleaned her plate.

It is a beautiful, beautiful day.  Sun strikes the topmost peaks of the mountains self can see from her hotel window.  What are those mountains called?  Self doesn’t know, but she aims to find out.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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