The Calendar: February and March 2012

Self lives always in the future.  Always, always.  It’s her bugaboo:  she is always anticipating (or dreading).  The only relief is through writing.

Her 2012 “Zen Mind” calendar for the month of February has the illustration of a hanging scroll.  It’s one of those virtuoso performances of pen and ink:  a long, heavy black smear, calligraphy on either side.  The title of the painting:  “Nanten’s Staff,”  by Nakahara Nantenbo (1839 – 1925)  After she learns the title, self can’t help but marvel at how evocative a single stroke of heavy black ink can be.

Events listed in the calendar for February and March:

  • February 1:  Imbolc (Pagan/Wiccan)
  • February 7:  Full Moon
  • February 12:  Start of “Random Acts of Kindness” week
  • Feb. 21:  Start of Mardi Gras
  • Feb. 22:  Ash Wednesday
  • Mar. 8:  International Women’s Day.  Also, Full Moon
  • March 11:  Daylight saving time begins.
  • March 20:  Ostara (Pagan/ Wiccan), Spring Equinox
  • Mar. 21:  Naw-Ruz (Bahai’i and Persian New Year)

The husband found self another episode of “Revenge” on cable.  This one was Episode 4.  It begins with Tyler aiming a gun at the head of Emily Thorne (aka Amanda Clark), from point-blank range.  Then, cut to:  “Two Days Earlier.” (HA HA HAAA!)  A very thin and pasty-looking Gabriel Mann began the episode in a beach chair.  He ended it tied to a chair in his own house.  Fabulous, simply fabulous.

Bags are packed for India.  Self’s visa is already stamped in her passport, awaiting the scrutiny of an Indian Immigration Official.  Self has probably gained 5 lbs. just in the past week, from nervous snacking.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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