2nd Most Gorgeous Day So Far in 2012

Today was a simply gorgeous day in San Francisco! Self went to the Jewish Contemporary Museum and managed to catch the Houdini Exhibit (The show closes tomorrow).  She decided to take 101 into the city.  Just north of the airport, she saw a long, long line of cars all heading for the exit for Candlestick.  It was just before 11 a.m. Of course, it’s the day of the 49ers/Saints playoff!  She made a mental note to try and be home in time to catch at least part of the game.

The museum was great (and beautifully laid out).  To think, all this time, it’s been across the street from the Yerba Buena Center (which self visits quite often), but she’s never been inside until now!

Another great thing about today was that self got to try Beard Papa again.  There used to be a branch right next to the Century 20 in downtown Redwood City.  Self doesn’t know what happened: it had lots of customers, was always bustling, but suddenly, after about two years, it closed. The spot where it used to be became a Japanese restaurant, which also closed.  And was succeeded by yet another Japanese restaurant, also now closed. Self isn’t sure what’s there now —  Pizza My Heart?

Self learned, from the exhibit, that Houdini died when a “boxing instructor” visited him in his dressing room after a performance and, without warning, punched him in the solar plexus, rupturing his appendix. Houdini died some days later, of peritonitis. Self thinks that boxing instructor should have been charged with negligent homicide, or some such.

It appears that Houdini frequently invited people to punch him in the stomach, because he was very proud of his “six-pack abs,” or something to that effect (Self was just eavesdropping on a museum docent.  The “six-pack abs” were his words, not self’s!)  Unfortunately for Houdini, the boxing instructor decided to punch without warning, so Houdini was unable to do what he usually did:  arrange his abdominal muscles in time to absorb the blow. (Hmm, self thinks this is one story she needs to verify. It does sound a little wild).  Hence, the ruptured appendix, resulting in the magician’s sad demise.

After the exhibit, self met Zack and off we went to Liza Erpelo’s new house, for Adorable Aubrey’s second birthday party. And here are mementos of the quintessentially Filipino palatables (Self knows not why she wasn’t moved to take a single picture at the Jewish Contemporary Museum, or while walking down Mission — lots of picturesque San Francisco vagrants on display there! — but was suddenly motivated by the sight of Liza’s food-laden tables!  In fact, she got so carried away with the picture-taking that she forgot she was at a party and only remembered when she heard Zack suddenly call out her name!)

Will you take a look at those cupcakes!
This was only 1/2 of the spread. There were two more tables, laden with food, including two big bowls of fruit salad, and Vietnamese egg rolls, and leche flan, and what not.

Self and Zack were both be-moaning the weight we’d packed on from the holidays and other stress-related binges, bwah ha ha! But Zack looked essentially the same, while self unfortunately has quite the muffin belly.

The 49ers won, you know by now.

Happy happy joy joy, happy happy joy joy.

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