Short Story “Jesters,” Live Now at Used Furniture Review!

Oh, exciting news this Friday morning, dear blog readers (Self would like to add, as an aside, that the weather today is gorgeous, just gorgeous!  Self walked The Ancient One, whose walk now resembles a wave surge more than anything else.  That is, the top half of her body is aimed forward, she looks purposeful and determined, but her legs and knees hardly move at all.  Oh, poor Ancient One!  Perhaps in a decade self, too, will be like you:  surging forward, but with failing limbs. AAACH, self, there you go again with your endless digressions and peregrinations!  For heaven’s sake, can’t you just get on with the  announcement of your piece on Used Furniture Review?)

Um, yes.  The endlessly fascinating Used Furniture Review snagged “Jesters.”  A short story she wrote while she was in VCCA.  All the book titles mentioned in the piece?  They were the titles of actual books in the VCCA library.  Hmm, maybe self should let the VCCA folks know?

VCCA was helpful in so many other ways:  That is where she met Drew the classical composer (formerly of Yellow Springs, Ohio, now of New York City), Lucille Colin the photographer, and Patrick Somerville (Her single most indelible memory of her time at VCCA was of walking from her studio in the barn to the main house, in complete darkness, hoping she didn’t step on a racoon or a fox or anything that might be lurking in the area, and finding a little square of light, not moving, a few yards to the side.  So, inching along the lane, self was able to verify that the square of light belonged to a laptop, and the face that hovered intently just a few inches from the screen was Patrick Somerville’s)


And now  — TARA! — an excerpt from self’s piece:

A strange morning. You woke to a new light, grayish and cool. No longer the intense white glare of the past weeks. Blue mountains now hazy in the distance. Someone told you what they were called, but you immediately forgot.


Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

August, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Why?  Who knows why?  Ying passed away three years ago.  Self misses her terribly.

This evening, self is thinking of the time she and Ying went to Siem Reap.  We went in August.

Oh, did anyone ever tell you that August is the hottest time of the year in Southeast Asia?  The heat in August in Cambodia is something else.  It’s alive, actually, a python wrapping itself around one’s body.

Our first day at the ruins of Angkor Wat, we arrived mid-morning and by noon both of us were limp and sun-blinded.

So, the next day, we decided to wake up at 4 a.m. and get to the ruins in time to watch the sunrise.

You approach Angkor Wat over an ancient causeway built across a broad plain.  Here and there on the plain are pools of standing water (Angkor Wat was built over a vast underground reservoir of water).  Oh, we were so thrilled to be there so early in the morning!  But, alas, so were at least a hundred other people!  And all of them had their cameras pointed directly at the ruins, waiting with bated breath for the time when the sun rose behind the temples.  Everyone was reverential, worshipful.  It was the strangest scene.

Another time, Ying grew very excited:  we had just encountered a stooped old monk, and Ying said, pointing to the cover of her Lonely Planet guidebook:  “It’s the same monk!  He’s the one on the cover of the Lonely Planet guidebook!”

We approached the Rock Star/ Monk, greeted him reverently, and held up the book:  “You/us/picture?  You are famous!”

The monk grinned, held up two fingers.  What?  What was that?  What kind of gesture was that?

The monk had to spell it out for us:  “No picture without pay!  Two dollars!”

Another thing about Siem Reap was that it was littered with internet cafés.  And these cafés had some of the fastest connections self had ever experienced, faster even than the internet café son found in a teensy-tiny house in Boracay.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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