Dearest Liebe Liebster Writer Block Party

  • Liebster Award!

Dearest Liebster Blog Award Nominator Writer Block Party (aka Lisa Taylor)

Thank you so much for nominating Kanlaon for the Liebster Blog Award.  Self was walking on air for about three days.  She couldn’t calm down, and she ended up making a sorry mess of her Christmas lights and had to begin de-tangling them all over again, three x.  Then she ended up getting very sentimental, and thought fond thoughts of Christmases past, and remembered everything by taking hours to pore through old photo albums.

And because self is so absolutely bumbling when it comes to giving Award Acceptance Speeches (since she never wins Awards; this is her first.  And it’s for blogging yet.  What an honor!), she will just say to the entire blogging universe:


So here are five of self’s own Liebster Blog Award Nominations (And self took hours to whittle down to these five.  She may have cheated a bit, some may possibly have more than 200 followers.  But self doesn’t know for sure):

  1. True Love, Six Kids, One Old House
  2. Stella Kalaw
  3. Maze a Day
  4. Borderlands Bookstore
  5. Stone Telling, a new poetry quarterly

Self will add more about each nomination, as soon as she can!

Stay tuned.

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