The New York Times: “75 Things New Yorkers Talked About in 2011”

No, self is not going to list the 75 things.  Yes, there was the presence of a Kardashian (Also:  Anderson Cooper.  Also:  Meryl Streep).  But here are the items that truly interested self:

8.  Princess Beatrice’s fascinating headgear at the Royal Wedding (raised $131,000 for charity)

12.  Steve Jobs.  “Fittingly, many people learned of his death on their iPhones.”

15.  Ellen Barkin on Twitter.  “Never has unbridled profanity been so entertaining.”

18.  “Homeland”:  “Angela Chase grows up into a pill-popping, bipolar, line-crossing C.I.A. operative.  The most compelling character on television in 2011.”

24.  “Keith Olbermann leaves MSNBC to go to Current TV, is never heard from again.”

25.   “Zooey Deschanel:  adorable or irritating?  Discuss.”

51.   Planking

57.  “Michael Fassbender.  And not just because of the frontal nudity in Shame.”

74.  “The now officially annoying James Franco.”

(The “75 Things” was in the Thursday, 29 December 2011 issue)

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