From VITA MERLINI (“The Life of Merlin”) by Geoffrey of Monmouth

Self is currently reading Bryan Sykes’ Saxons, Vikings, and Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain and Ireland, and it is wicked good.  Land bridges, Ice Ages, brutal Saxon invaders, legends (about King Uther Pendragon and the wizard Merlin, no less)  — every page has kept self absolutely enthralled (Pretty hard to do when sole fruit of self’s loins is visiting, let her just tell ‘ya!).

Self thinks she first learned of this book several years ago from reading The New York Times Book Review.  (Undying gratitude, oh esteemed NYTBR!)

On p. 31 is a passage from Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Vita Merlini (The Life of Merlin) which describes how a mortally wounded King Arthur is taken to the idyllic isle of Avalon:

After the battle of Camlan we took the wounded Arthur to Avalon.  There Morgan Le Fay placed the king on a golden bed, and with her own noble hand uncovered the wound and gazed at it long.  At last she said that health could return to him if he were to stay with her for a long time and wished to make use of her healing art.  Rejoicing, therefore, we committed the king to her, and returning gave our souls to the favouring winds.

So what happened?  Arthur never actually died ???

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

The First Most Gorgeous Day of Winter 2011

Self was at the San Francisco Airport.  It was still a most gorgeous day.  That is saying something.

The sky was so, so blue.  She was on her way to pick up son.  “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” was playing on the car radio (It is so odd to be listening to reindeer songs while stuck in traffic on the 101!)

She missed her exit because, just at the moment when she should have switched to the furthermost right lane, she was diverted by a thought of the photographer Stella K, who told self just a few days ago that she will be in Bacolod in February.  And self had just e-mailed her about visiting a sugar central.  And then, whoops!  She saw the sign for the airport, but to her right was a senior citizen in a bright red jeep, and this feisty elder just would not give way, even though self kept waving her arms and smiling and going yoohoo.  Self finally made a mad dash to the right (luckily, no police cars in sight), and suddenly


All hell broke loose on Highway 101 South.  And who was it causing such a ruckus?  A lone Asian woman in a beat-up grey car who was furious because self was trying to edge into her lane.

Hey, Asian woman!  Can’cha see there’s another Asian woman here?  We Asian women have to stick together, be like sistahs!

But no way!  Asian woman in beat-up grey car was definitely not into the holiday spirit.  So self ended up having to take the San Bruno Avenue exit.  Then she was in some building with the rental cars.  Then she was in a parking garage that was off limits to all but police cars.  Then she was seeing all sorts of freeway signs sprouting all over the place.

Self wanted the terminals, dammit!

Then, her cell toodled.  And because self knew it was son, she picked up, even though she knew it was AGAINST THE LAW!  And son had arrived!

And self bleated, “Just a minute!  I am parking!” (Self, you are such a liar!  But one must maintain one’s image of cool to sole fruit of one’s loins!)

And son said, “I’m out here on the curb already!”

And self replied, “Then I won’t park!  I’ll loop around!”

And son said, “OK!”

Then, just as self was looking madly for any signs pointing to the terminals, she found she’d somehow arrived at Terminal 2/ Arrivals Level.  And not one minute after she’d spoken to son, she saw him waiting right in front of her.  Like a mirage.  A veritable miracle.

And self was all so Happy Happy Joy Joy!  But she couldn’t show it, because it is essential for a mother to maintain at all times a mien of imperturbable cool.

Anyhoo, how very strange because, after that, even though self’s neck had begun a tell-tale throbbing hours earlier, when she was madly circling the parking lot of the Main Post Office on Broadway, she felt suddenly pain-free. And when she got home, she even managed to do a little work in the garden. And noticed that a small abutilon in the side yard was suddenly blooming with the deepest orange flowers. And there is just no explanation for such a phenomenon, because self has not watered in weeks.

She also ordered a Shooting Star from the Solutions catalogue (20% off!) even though there is no way it will arrive by Christmas.

*     *     *     *     *

On another front:  Self had a piece picked up by Rhino!  She just learned from a message from Angela Narciso Torres!  Thank you, Angela, you just made self’s entire month!  (That’s the fifth piece self has had picked up for 2012.  Funny, she’s always had this superstition that her “lucky” years are odd-numbered years.  Maybe not.)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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