A Little After Midnight (the 2nd Saturday of December 2011)

It is very, very cold.  Even though self is wearing two sweaters, she still shivers.

The moon is very, very full.

Self hasn’t quite lost it:  she remembered to throw a sheet over the orange tree.

Stay tuned.

Today, the 2nd Friday of December 2011: Snow Globe, New Camera, and Watching “The Rabbit Hole”

  • Bought a snow globe!  Only $11 from The Artisan Shop (all proceeds benefit the Lucille Packard Children’s Memorial Hospital at Stanford) in Allied Arts Guild on Arbor Road in Menlo Park!
  • In addition, self ended up buying herself a new camera from Costco! A Nikon Coolpix S8200 Digital Camera, (the bright red model)!  As luck would have it, she also found her old camera — In fact, self had the sneaking suspicion that if she bought a new camera, she would end up finding the old one soon after:  Murphy’s Law!  And self’s intuition was proved 100% correct!  Wonder if Costco will take a return if self’s already wrangled open the packaging???
  • Got a new Macy’s Gift Catalogue in the mail!
  • Wrote three more Christmas cards!
  • Finally finished watching her current Netflix movie, “The Rabbit Hole!”  And discovered that Eckhart and Kidman are very good together, and Kidman most certainly deserved the Oscar nomination she got last year for her performance!

About halfway in, self discovered that the plot was almost exactly the same as the plot of self’s story, “Dust!”  (On-line in The Writing Disorder, Winter 2010 issue)

Yes, the exact same plot.  Imagine that?  How could self and whoever wrote “The Rabbit Hole” have been thinking along the very same lines?

By the way, Tammy Blanchard, the actress who plays the younger sister of Nicole Kidman is very, very good.  Self had never heard of her before and had to google her.  Her performance is never less than deeply convincing.


Self’s favorite part of the movie is the conversation between the kid who accidentally killed Kidman’s son, and Kidman: “I might have been going too fast. It was a 30-mile-an-hour zone, I might have been going 31, 32.  I wanted you to know.” The kid delivers his lines with just the right amount of awkwardness and penitence.

On another front, self made the discovery that Another Chicago Magazine, from whom she was anxiously waiting to hear (She had mailed a story, August 1 of this year), has been defunct since 2010 — And all this time, self was sure her story was percolating to the final round!

And now self will devote the rest of her evening to reading stories from her UCLA Extension students (This was another excellent class, full of brave, risk-taking students.  She thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of weeks)

Coming up Sunday:  meeting with Niece G in the City.  Yay!  Self always enjoys adventuring with Niece G!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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