Mickey Rourke Interview With Piers Morgan

Mickey Rourke on television, being interviewed by Piers Morgan (Is that really the guy’s name, why does self think she is mixing it up with some bank?)

Mickey looked like he had cleaned up quite a bit, he was in a brown jacket, with no discernible facial hair (except for the hair on top of his head).  Pierce asked him about his role in the new movie “Immortals,” which self quite liked (notwithstanding the fact that Eric D. Snider only gave it a “C”) Mickey said he had been very eager to work with the director, Tamranh Sing, and mentioned seeing a few “commercials,” which surprised self, because she hasn’t heard of anyone trying to woo a star like Mickey by showing him the work you do on commercials.

When Piers brought up the book by former model and former Mickey-wife Carree Otis, he uttered swear (bleep!) swear (bleep!)  Self remembers one word:  Narcissistic.  Basically, she was a money-grabbing b—-

Mickey’s next film is about a well-known Welsh soccer player who recently came out of the closet.  Well, apparently, they’re shooting a movie of the soccer player right now, and his role will be played by Mickey.

After parrying questions and mostly keeping his cool, self began to think that there was really nothing wrong with the Rourke brain matter.  Though sometimes she wondered how Piers could keep that grin pasted on his face.  Once Piers said, “We have to cut for a few minutes, cool things down a bit.”  Ha ha ha!  Was he expecting Mickey to belt him one?  Self thought Mickey was pretty funny.  No sooner did Piers say “Thank you” than Mickey immediately turned his back on the interviewer.  The look on his face was something like:  Get me the f___ out of here!

The clip ended before the camera could show Mickey actually stalking off.

They showed a brief clip from the movie “Immortals,” which, in retrospect, self is beginning to like more and more.  Unfortunately, the clip that was shown was from the lamest imaginable scene:  3/4 of it, Mickey is wearing a mask, and not even the cool one with sharp teeth surrounding his face.  Anyhoo, Theseus comes out and they have some sort of a parlay (or harsh exchange of words), and then Mickey very slowly removes his mask so that the whole audience can go:  IT IS HE!  Then, unbelievably, the clip ends.

The next Piers Morgan guest was Heidi Klum, and she was all about praising Piers and telling him how good he looked.  (Every time self has to type “Piers Morgan,” she thinks this has GOT to be the name of a bank!)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Self’s Reading Year (2011)

Best Nonfiction:

  • Cleopatra’s Nose: 39 Varieties of Desire by Judith Thurman
  • Legacy of Ashes:  The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner

Best Memoirs:

  • Body of Work:  Meditations on Mortality From the Human Anatomy Lab by Christine Montrose
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

Best Mystery:

  • The Indian Bride by Karin Fossum

Best Novels:

  • Mr. Pip by Lloyd Jones
  • Sepharad by Antonio Muñoz Molina
  • The Assault by Harry Mulisch
  • Fire in the Blood by Irene Nemirovsky
  • The Reader by Bernhard Schlink
  • The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton (Self cried buckets at the ending)

Best Travel Books:

  • Marco Polo:  From Venice to Xanadu by Laurence Bergreen
  • A Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor (who died this year)
  • The White Nile by Alan Moorehead

The “Favorite Fonts” Post

It is still Saturday afternoon.  It’s still two more hours till the start of the Big Game.  Fall afternoons can move so slowly.

But self is nothing if not committed to finding stuff to obsess over.  Right now, that happens to be word processing fonts.

Self thought it would be interesting to list all the ones she’s used in the past year.  She hates fancy, curlicued fonts, but she adores clean, spare ones, like Arial.  Or its close relation, Arial Narrow.

She also loves Arial Unicode MS.

She doesn’t like Ayuthaya.

If she’s writing a more conventional short story, she’ll choose an old-fashioned font like Baskerville.  Or Baskerville Old Face (Honestly, she can barely distinguish between these two)

Or Bell MT.  Or Big Caslon.

Big Caslon is possibly her favorite among all these “old-timey” fonts.

She also really likes Book Antiqua (In contrast, Bookman Old Style seems a little too — squat).  And Calisto MT.  And Cambria.  Or Century Schoolbook.  Or Constantia.

Calibri is for when self writes science fiction (Don’t ask why).

Candara is when she wants to project modernity 🙂

Century is a somewhat fatter “old-timey” font.

Cochin is beautiful.  A wee bit spider-y, but acceptable.

She’ll only use Century Gothic if she doesn’t care about postage.  But she finds its letters too fat.  Euphemia UCAS is way better.

She’ll never use Chalkboard either:  it projects playfulness, and she wants to be taken seriously for her writing.  She wants to appear like a very serious, very committed writer.

Colonna MT is faint, like scratches on stone.  Didot is better.

Corbel is perfect for her science fiction.

Courier is for when she wants to pretend she’s a reporter.

Footlight MT Light is way, waaay too ornate.

Franklin Gothic Book is, right now, one of her favorites.  As is Gill Sans.  Or Gill Sans MT.  Or Lucida Grande.  Or Lucida Sans.  Or Lucida Sans Unicode.  Or MS Reference Sans Serif.  Or News Gothic MT.  Or Thonburi.  Or Trebuchet MS.  Or Lucida Grande CE.  Or Hei.  Or Hiragino Sans GB.  These fonts are what self considers “flexible.”  OK for science fiction, domestic drama, experimental prose poetry, or traditional short story.  Maybe, even, for a novel.

Futura looks too unconventional.

Geneva looks a little babyish.

But Georgia is OK.

Helvetica is all-purpose but not, right now, one of her favorites.

InaiMathi doesn’t seem to make enough of a statement.

Lucida Bright is really big (but not as big or annoying as Century Gothic)

Lucida Fax is pretty good.

Menlo is also pretty big, but somehow she doesn’t find it as annoying as Century Gothic.

She likes Microsoft Sans Serif.  Very much.  She’ll try and use it more.

She’s on the fence about Modern No. 20.

Optima is swell.

Palatino is pretty but boring.  Like an above-average cheerleader.

Perpetua is tiny, tiny, tiny (Was there a saint named Perpetua, or is self in the throes of another hallucination?)

Plantagenet Cherokee is worth a story or two.  Or three.

Rockwell and Sathu are a little too declamatory.

Skia is fun.  If self were really Henning Mankell, she would use this font all the time.

Tahoma used to be a favorite.  Not anymore.  Don’t take it personally.

She will never use Times or Times New Roman unless she wants to die of boredom.  She can’t understand why so many journals specify, in their Writer’s Guidelines, that the submission should be in Times or Times New Roman.

Tw Cen MT is too soon to tell.

Verdana is a better, tighter version of Century Gothic.  She still sometimes uses it.  Would you believe, there were years when self rarely used anything else?

The worst font, the one she urges aspiring writers to never, ever use, is Zapfino.  It’s got so many fancy curlicues, it’s as if you’re trying to be George Washington.  And you can only squeeze in about a dozen words per page.

And Kai, though self can’t remember ever using it, is beautiful. Not only that, self loves the sound of the word Kai.

AppleMyungjo is very nice.

Self believes she’s used up almost an hour, just listing all these fonts.  Now, that’s resourcefulness.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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