The Writing Disorder Bookstore

Today self goes tra-la tra-la tra-la and wanders all over the web, culling the gold from the dross, all for the benefit of dear blog readers.

She checks out The Writing Disorder Bookstore, which she hasn’t done in some months, and — Hoooly Moly! They have quite interesting books for sale!  To wit:

  • Matt Thomas’ Resetting the Armageddon Clock (Boxfire Press)
  • Tina May Hall’s The Physics of Imaginary Objects (University of Pittsburgh Press/ Drue Heinz Literature Award Winner)
  • Wodke Hawkinson’s Catch Her in the Rye (CreateSpace)
  • Self’s Mayor of the Roses (Miami University Press)
  • The Writing Disorder Anthology, edited by C. E. Lukather (168 pages of fabulous, may be ordered from
  • Michael Burns’ Where You Are (All Things That Matter Press)
  • John Oliver Hodges’ War of the Crazies (Main Street Rag)
  • John Kilgore’s The Blunder (Bridgeway Books)
  • Vanessa Libertad Garcia’s The Voting Booth After Dark (Fiat Libertad Co.)
  • Self’s Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila (Calyx Press)
  • Gretchn Mattox’s Buddha Box (Fiat Libertad)
  • Amy Newlove Schroeder’s The Sleep Hotel (Oberlin College Press)
  • Yu-Han Chao’s We Grow Old:  53 Chinese Love Poems (The Backwaters Press)
  • Sudha Balagopal’s There Are Seven Notes (ROMAN Books)

And they also sell the cutest “How to Draw a Novel” T-shirts!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Today, the Day Before Skyline College Reading

Just restored a post (“Memories of Adderall Addicts”)  No one looked at it for days, which was why she deleted it.  Suddenly, today, everyone’s asking:  What happened to that review, the one about Adderall addicts?  (Oh, self wants to say, you mean the one about kids in Stanford’s Meyer lounge at midnight???  Kidding, kidding, of course self is kidding!!!)

*     *     *

The house is freakishly cold.  Hubby says not to turn up the heat.  Wear more sweaters.

*     *     *

The Ancient One pants and pants.

*     *     *

Thank God it didn’t rain.

*     *     *

Still have no Thanksgiving Holiday Menu.

*     *     *

A cousin who self hasn’t spoken to in perhaps 20 years left a message on self’s cell phone, inviting her to Glendale for Thanksgiving.

*     *     *

Last night, self had insomnia.  When she has insomnia, she ends up doing the strangest things.  Like submit, for the nth time, to One Story.  Like self can ever write a story as good as Karl Taro Greenfeld’s.

*     *     *

Well, at least self managed to get an essay off to the Asian American Literary Review.

*     *     *

Prism International is still waiting for the signed contract for “Flight.” (Tomorrow, promise!)

*     *     *

Phoebe says “All the Missing” is going to be in the next issue.  She friend-ed them on FB.

*     *     *

No word yet on edits for novella Marife (supposed to be coming out next year)

*     *     *

Drew says hello, he has a new boss.  We have to Skype!  We tried a few times in Bacolod.  What self hates about Skype is this:  the whole world can see your eyebags.

*     *     *

Self loves her pig story.  She just loves, loves, loves.  She keeps adding to it:  pages of utter mayhem.  Stomping.  And the like.  (Self, you have a sick mind.  A really really really sick mind).  She called the story “Pig Babies” until last week, when she decided to call it “Thing.”

*     *     *

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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