Latest Book Deals (Courtesy of PUBLISHERS LUNCH WEEKLY 1 Nov 2011)

Latest e-letter from Publishers Weekly has announcement of the following deals:


  • IMPAC Dublin Award Winner and Spanish bestselling author Javier Marias’ latest novel, The Infatuations, “a story about love and how it can justify almost anything:  noble and selfless actions as well as the worst outrages and the most despicable of acts,” to Sonny Mehta at Knopf, at auction
  • Charlie Lovett’s The First Folio, “the contemporary story of a young widower who becomes entangled in the fate of a rare manuscript dating from the time of Shakespeare that will change his life forever, to Viking, for publication in summer 2013
  • Cathy Marie Buchanan’s The Van Goethem Sisters, set in 19th-century Paris and based on historical events and characters, the story of teenage sisters whose father’s death sets one on a trajectory to the Paris Opera Ballet . . . and the other into the stage adaptation of Emile Zola’s novel L’Assommoir and into the arms of a dangerous young man,” to Riverhead

History/Politics/Current Affairs

  • Lindsey Hilsom’s Sandstorm: Libya in the Time of Revolution, “a chronicle of the Gaddafi endgame, a marriage of reportage and storytelling”, to Penguin Press in a pre-empt, for publication “in early 2012”

There were other deal announcements, such as Laura Snyder’s Eye of the Beholder:  Johannes Vermeer, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek and the Reinvention of Seeing, “an intertwined biography of the great scientist and artist of the 17th century, and the revolution in perception that their work brought about,” but, alas, the time has come to give the furiously panting Bella her dinner.

Stay tuned.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Memories of Adderall Addicts

While reading the Winter 2010 issue of The Florida Review this evening, self stumbles upon an entertaining review of a new memoir by Steven Elliott, The Adderall Diaries:  A Memoir of Moods, Masochism, and Murder (Graywolf Press). Self thinks the reviewer (Alex Pollack) exhibits real panache :

It’s a rare writer who can temper the salaciousness of sadomasochism with self-effacing humor . . .  Between moods, masochism and murder, Elliott’s most constant obssession in The Adderall Diaries is of mood, his own, in the wake of a growing dependence on Adderall and a lack of structure in his one-bedroom apartment San Francisco lifestyle  . . .  Paragraph by paragraph, Elliott keeps us off balance on the lip of his narrative canoe . . .

Along the way, the reviewer tells us, we get to ponder questions like:

  • Did Elliott’s father lie about killing a man?
  • Are Elliott’s sadomasochistic tendencies triggered by a childhood with an abusive dad and an absent mom? (Notice the alliteration here, dear blog readers?  “Abusive” dad/ “Absent” mom?  Neat-o!)

And we experience, with Elliott, the agony of “writer’s block” :  “An author looking for a story can be like a junky looking for a fix.  But it’s worse than that because an author without a story isn’t even an author.”

Thank you, Mr. Elliott, and thank you, Mr. Pollack, for your irrepressibly sardonic wit.  Self was vastly entertained.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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