Today: Again Gorgeous

Today self got her first rejection in quite a long time, from the Santa Monica Review.  It was for one of her “quiet” stories, one of those depicting a wife and her life of quiet desperation (Self thinks it’s time to retire these kinds of stories from her repertoire.  Maybe her next “wife” story should feature a woman picking up an AK-47!)

Also, Bella turned the entire living room into her toilet.  Bad dog!  In spite of the fact that self was home and is always ready and available to open the back door for Bella, whenever she looks twitchy.

It’s OK.  It was a gorgeous day, there was one bottle of Mission Street Pale Ale in the fridge, and self got to plant her third Creeping Jenny “Goldilocks” plant.  She’s filing in the shady spots of her garden.  Now, all she has to do is utter a prayer that these fledgling plants will survive her next trip (which isn’t, anyway, until 2012).

In addition, self heard from an editor who liked a story she’d just sent out, “Thing.” It’s about a dystopian future universe, where the Founding Fathers apparently cannot stand the sight of mutant pig babies.  BWAH HA HAAA!  It seems self does still have a trick or two up her sleeve and can pass for a science fiction writer if she wants to.

What else?  Oh yes, her cousin JR in Bacolod loaded pics of his new venture, a barbecue restaurant called “Beso” (Nice name!  It means “kiss”) on Sixth Street in Bacolod.  Self really likes the lime green walls and the red tables.  Everything looks very striking, in a modern minimalist way.  Check it out, dear blog readers!

And, finally, her novel-in-progress is 191 pages long!  She just added to it late last night (apparently, because when she woke up, her desk lamp was still on, and she saw five more pages in the document total at the bottom of the screen, five more than she remembered seeing when she was last conscious of sitting at her desktop.  Hey, at least sleepwalking/writing is way better than sleepwalking/eating!)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

The Day After Halloween 2011

Hubby has a new job.  So far, he seems to be liking it.  The only drawback is, it’s in Pleasanton, which means he has to drive 35 miles each way.  Surprisingly, though, he’s been managing to make it home before 6 p.m.

Self discovered that the reason there haven’t been any figs from the two fig trees in her backyard is that  Bella, the Ancient One (She is 16 years old, dear blog readers!) has been eating them all.  Today, mid-afternoon, self cast a glance at the backyard through the French windows in the tiny room she uses as her office, and there was Bella, voraciously chomping.  And yet, she is always hungry!

Last night, there were fewer kids than usual.  But when they did come and knock on the door, they tended to come in big groups.  One group had 10 kids!  These were the outfits she can remember:  Jerry Lewis, Keira Knightley in “Pirates of the Caribbean” mode, several Fairy Princesses, a Bumblebee, three girls all wearing exactly the same pink and black outfit and declaring themselves to be “Hello, Kitty”, Puss in Boots, and the most fun:  Sasquatch.

The Sasquatch gave her a real scare.  The set-up was also fun:  two teen-age boys came and knocked on self’s door, and she handed them candy, and then one boy (who was actually much taller than self, maybe almost 6-foot) said, “Because you’ve been so nice to us, we have a special treat for you this evening.”  Hubby was sitting right there on the sofa, and she wondered if the boys could see him, but he made no move to join in the conversation, so self plunged bravely ahead and said, “OK, what’s the treat?”  The big boy said, “A friend of ours, who’s been hiding all this time, is going to appear.”  “Well, I don’t see him,” self said.  And suddenly, a figure covered entirely in grass and leaves, with only one little slit for its eyes, came rising up from the steps, going BOO BOO BOO!  And self half-screamed, and the boys laughed and laughed! Actually, that was pretty creative.  She wondered who made the costume.  That’s the first Sasquatch costume she’s ever seen.

Bella got stuck in the doggy door for who knows how long.  The weather’s been beautiful, so self’s been spending a lot of time in her garden.  After she finished watering and weeding, she went to the back door and saw Bella’s rump hanging halfway out the doggy door.  Oh, poor thing!  She’d gotten stuck, but 10 years ago she stopped knowing how to bark, and so she just sat there, stuck, and waited patiently for self to appear and rescue her.  Which self did by giving her big, fat rump a mighty shove.

Finally, self is just sitting here, wondering when would be the appropriate time to put her garbage cans in the street.  Yup, that is not a typo:  Unless the cans are actually in the street —  if they are, say, on the sidewalk and not actually on the asphalt —  the garbage collector will not empty them.  This happened to self when hubby was in Manila:  She worried that, since the street was narrow, some poor sod driving home distracted from work would not be able to swerve in time to avoid hitting the can.  Because, why put an actual traffic obstruction in the street?  Wouldn’t that be considered a traffic hazard?  Self decided to be very considerate of passing motorists and put her can about six inches from the street, on the sidewalk.  So close, certainly six inches wouldn’t make much difference!  And the next day, when she checked her can —  yup, you guessed it, it was still full.  Aaargh!!

Today, self mailed her signed contract to Phoebe, for her story “All the Missing.”  Boy, that felt really, really good.  She e-mailed the editor to say the contract was in the mail.  He said thanks for the heads-up, he’d keep a lookout for it.  Can everyone please subscribe to Phoebe now?

And before self forgets, she has two other stories in the current issue of Our Own Voice (on-line web-zine of the Filipino Diaspora), an issue which also includes the poetry of JoAnn Balingit, and a Terry Hong interview with “La Hagedorn.”

She also has a piece in the current issue of Storysouth.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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