Typhoon Pedring and “TV Patrol”

Last night, after two weeks of negligible rain, the heavens opened.

Today, it continued to pour, with a vengeance.

Self thanks her lucky stars she is in Bacolod, not Manila.  She watched “TV Patrol”:  Manila looked abysmal, miserable:  flooded streets and over two million people rendered homeless in the Greater Manila Metropolitan Area.  Here, while the streets are running, self is at least not ankle-deep in water when she steps out of a cab.

Whenever it rains, self finds herself in the New Museum Café.  No rum for her this time, however.  Instead, Dory with Chef Gemma’s special pesto sauce, green salad and thin slices of corn bread.  Also, fresh orange shake.  Also, Talisay ham.  The dish looked so beautiful self almost cried at having to eat it.

This evening, self belatedly learned that “TV Patrol” was nominated for an Emmy! For its coverage of the 2010 Philippine hostage crisis.

Apparently, it was nominated in a new category, The International Emmy Awards.

Yay!  Self loves “TV Patrol”!  She remembers when it first began (She even wrote about it in a short story, for heavens sake!):  there were all these intrepid (nosy) reporters, lifting the newspapers covering the faces of vagrants sleeping around the Caloocan monumento.  Such is the ability of the pinoy to rise to the occasion:  each homeless person who had been thus rudely awakened by having a microscope shoved in his/her face nevertheless gamely attempted to answer the reporters’ questions, if somewhat incoherently.

Reporters also showed no compunction about thrusting microphones into the grieving faces of murder victims’ families.  And the really astounding thing is:  People actually answered the reporters!  Even though wracked with grief!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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