Great “Alternative Emmys” Article on!

The Reigning King of Lists (in Entertainment-Related Articles) is, in self’s humble opinion,’s Matt Zoller Seitz.  She loves his slideshow, “Who Would Win at the Alternative Emmys?”

Self recommends going over to, but for those extremely short of time, here’s an abbreviated version:

  • Best Monologue:  “Justified” Season 2, Episode 12:  “Reckoning” (Matt explains why —  self heartily agrees.  Not to mention the fact that this is an iconic role for Timothy Olyphant, who was stuck in mostly forgettable movies and is having a kind of hot streak in television)
  • Best Love Scene:  “The Good Wife” Season 2, Episode 23:  “Closing Arguments” (Watch the video —  self has never seen Julianna Margulies looking so hot)
  • Best Individual Episode, Unscripted Series:  “Deadliest Catch” Season 6, Episode 14:  “Redemption Day” (“The Season 6 finale in which Phil Harris, the captain of the Cornelia Marie, died in the hospital a few days after suffering a stroke . . .  it was a textbook example of how to wring maximum emotional power from a real-life tragedy without being crass or ghoulish.”)
  • Best Individual Episode, Comedy:  “Community” Season 2, Episode 19:  “Critical Film Studies” (Certifiably funny.  All hail, Danny Pudi)
  • Best Individual Episode, Drama:  “Mad Men” Season 4, Episode 7:  “The Suitcase” (” . . .  all things considered, the best all-around episode of any TV series to air during the 2010-2011 Emmy eligibility period.”)
  • Best Monster:  Snake-mouthed Anna on “V” (If you don’t want to get nightmares, dear blog readers, skip the visuals on this one.  Morena Baccarin, a real beauty, is the epitome of horrific)
  • Best Comedy Sequence:  “South Park” Season 15, Episode 3:  “Royal Pudding”  (Can you believe “South Park” is in its 15th season???  The writing keeps getting sharper.  All hail, Trey Parker and Matt Stone)
  • Best Death Scene:  “Game of Thrones” Season 1, Episode 9:  “Baelor” (The execution of Eddard “Ned” Stark, played by Sean Bean.  “Many major characters die each year on television; few passings have the impact of this one.”)
  • Best Action Sequence:  “Southland”  Season 3, Episode 10:  “Graduation Day”  (Seitz calls this series “brilliant and criminally underappreciated”)
  • Best Cameo:  Tom Noonan on “Louie”  Season 1, Episode 11:  “God”  (Noonan “appears in a childhood flashback as a priest brought in to talk to young Louie and his Catholic school classmates about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  But he doesn’t tackle the subject from a theological angle.  He concentrates exclusively on Christ’s physical suffering, taking the children through his torture and death step-by-step using young Louie as a stand-in.”)

At one time, self loved the MTV Movie Awards because they were refreshingly “alternative.”  Now they are just lame (A “Twilight”movie  wins best picture every year.  YAAAWN!).

She’s been looking for true alternative categories for ages.  Thank you, Matt Zoller Seitz, for filling the gap.

(A reader recommends another category:  Best Villain.  Excellent suggestion!  The reader suggests either Ruth Wilson from “Luther” or Walton Goggins from “Justified.”  Self doesn’t think Goggins is actually a Bad Guy.  His role isn’t, anyway.  No, the true villain on “Justified” Season 2 was undoubtedly Mags Bennett, played by Margo Martindale.  The way Martindale played her, she was all matronly motherliness.  But with a venomous heart.  Her death scene?  Priceless.  That’ll be a hard role to top for anyone who steps in as Villain on “Justified” Season 3)

Stay tuned.

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