More End of Summer

This week, hubby and self are planning to drive south to San Luis Obispo to see son one last time before he leaves for Claremont, where he’s starting the second year of the Ph.D. program in social psychology.  For ages and ages, self has wanted to check out the San Luis Obispo Farmers Market, but it’s on Thursday, and we never could manage to get down there on any time other than the weekend.  But this week, we are driving down on a Thursday.  Yaaay!

The San Luis Obispo Farmers Market is famous.  It’s reputed to be the best on the Central Coast.  Their barbecued tri-tip steaks are supposed to be heavenly!  Just thinking about it is enough to make self’s tummy start to rumble.

As for today’s activities, hubby wanted to drive to the city to check out the Pistahan in Yerba Buena, but self persuaded him that tomorrow afternoon might be a mellower, more relaxing experience.

So instead we saw a movie in the downtown Century 20:  “30 Minutes or Less,” with Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Michael Peña, and even a cameo by Fred Ward (who self will always connect to “Tremors” and that movie about Henry Miller).  Self enjoyed it —  an hour and a half of crude language, but the performances, especially by Eisenberg and Michael Peña, were entertaining.  So, two and a half out of four stars!  Hubby didn’t find it funny, but the teen-aged boys in the audience certainly did.  Afterwards, hubby disclosed that he’d looked up the movie’s run time:  it was 84 minutes.  Funny, it felt longer —  bwah ha ha haaa!  But Jesse Eisenberg —  he does a better Michael Cera than Michael Cera himself!  Can’t wait to see him in Woody Allen’s next movie.

After the movie, we stopped by Peet’s for some coffee, and then took a leisurely stroll down Broadway.  We always stop by the Gourmet Haus Stadt.  After checking out a table of sale items, and the sausage selections in the freezer, self ended up purchasing a Ritter chocolate bar (the one with yogurt filling —  yuuum!) and two loaves of bread.

Other thoughts, in these last weeks of summer:

In years past, whenever we drove down to visit son in San Luis Obispo, we always made it a point to stop by the Old Edna Deli.  The deli had absolutely the best apricot bars self has ever tasted.  She wishes son would remember to bring some up, when he visits, but he never does.  Their panini sandwiches were pretty good, too.  Yesterday, while self was looking around for hotels in the area, she decided to ask about the bed and breakfast that used to be attached to the deli.  Much to her dismay, she discovered that the deli had closed.  Huuuge disappointment!

In addition, self now knows she will never get to experience the fabulousness of Burning Man:  she read somewhere that this year’s festival will be the last.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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