“Captain America” : B+

Hubby and self caught first screening of “Captain America” at Redwood City Century 20 on Saturday.  Self’s assessment: this movie is way, waaaay better than it has any right to be.  The actors  are way better than they have any right to be.  Self means:  Tommy Lee Jones (How self loves this actor’s inflections.  His delivery should be enshrined in the Smithsonian Archive of Great Deliveries).

And Stanley Tucci, OMG.  Can anyone hope for a mentor with more kind avuncularity than Stanley Tucci?  “The Lovely Bones” was a horrible mistake.  Please always have Stanley Tucci as the wit and intelligence in any future super-hero movies.

And even Chris Evans turns in a better performance than anyone had a right to expect.  Self loved the CGI of the early scenes, because then you really have to focus on Evans’ face.  It’s sort of a feminine face, self decided.  Perhaps his eyelashes were artificially lengthened?  When he is in “buff” mode, self hardly needed to look at his huge pecs.  All she had to do was look at those beautiful eyes (Ahem!  Self!  Get on with the rest of the movie!)

Oh yes, Hugo Weaving is in this movie, and at least until he reveals his face to be something like Hellboy without a nose, his eyebrows are wickedly entertaining.

Also, the short guy who played Naomi Watts’ only friend in “The Painted Veil,” and who played Truman Capote the same year that Philip Seymour Hoffman played Truman Capote, is in this movie as a sidekick scientist.  Hopefully we will see him in future installments.

Howard Stark (who self kept confusing with Tony Stark of “Ironman”, even though Robert Downey, Jr. and Dominic Cooper are obviously not the same actor) was in this movie.  It takes cinema aficionado clothesonfilm to reveal that Stark was based on eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

The girl had big hooters.  Also, her mouth looked excellent in matte red lipstick.  And, now that self has time to ponder, it is clear that the 1940s were a time for all women to sport similarly vermilion lips.  For self still remembers execrable “Pearl Harbor,” where Kate Beckinsale had a very similar look.

Self loved looking at all the nail polish in this movie.  One wizened grandma wearing a housedress and wielding a machine gun has bright, scarlet nail polish, a dead give-away that she is working for our side!

OK, what else?  Oh, there were action scenes, of course.  Self found herself catching twenty winks during.  But never mind.  There was a very amusing assemblage of “types” assembled by Captain America to carry out his top secret mission, and self recognized the baby blues of the guy who was in “Minority Report,” playing Tom Cruise’s ex-best friend.  Here, he wore a bowler hat, even after he was freed from prison.  And he had a ridiculous Otto von Bismarck-type moustache (veeery hairy).

Yes, this action movie does contain one musical number, and it was pure popcorn —  i.e., very enjoyable!

Self was absurdly entertained.  From first to last.

(P.  S.  She still can’t decide whose physique is the more compelling:  Chris Evans’ or Michael Fassbender’s.  Evans has huge pillow-like pecs, but Fassbender has the slimmer waist.)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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