Question for Drew, Who Is at VCCA For Two Weeks

Are there still three chestnut horses in the field between the barn and the main house?

Self took this picture at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA), when she was there August 2007

Oh, the bucolic VCCA fields! Even the fire hydrant looks so -- post-modern!

Drew sent self a music file:  himself playing the piano and singing, our opera, Scene 1.  Self’s hair absolutely stood on end!

She called Drew and said, “I didn’t know you could sing!”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Cinemalaya 2011, UP Film Center, July 26 – 29, Aug. 2 -5

Cinemalaya, a Filipino Film Festival, begins today at the University of the Philippines’ Film Center (Info courtesy of Dino Manrique of

* This just in:  “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” screens in Philippine Theaters nationwide, starting Aug. 3.

Tickets are 80 pesos (approx. $1.90)

Here’s a schedule of screenings (and pleeeaaase pardon self’s awful translations of the Tagalog titles!):

July 26

  • “Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa” (Dance of Two Left Feet), 5 pm
  • “Babae sa Septic Tank” (Woman in a Septic Tank), 8 pm

July 27

  • “Amok” (Crazy.  Not your normal, run-of-the-mill crazy.  Self means:  Raging Bull crazy!), 5 pm
  • “Bahay Bata” (House of Children), 8 pm

July 28

  • “Cuchera” (Coach Driver ???  Calesa driver ???  The Filipinized spelling is kutsera), 5 pm
  • “I-Libings” (At this point, self should probably abandon any attempts at translation, but a “libing” is a burial), 8 pm

July 29

  • “Niño” (This is a proper name, dear blog readers.  Thankfully, no translation required), 5 pm
  • “Ligo na U, Lapit na Me” (You Take a Bath, Me Come Closer —  how pathetic is self’s Tagalog?  This is an adaptation of a bestselling novel by Eros S. Atalia.  Self is very admiring of this writer’s first name!), 8 pm

August 2

  • “Teoriya” (Theory), 5 pm
  • “Bisperas” (Vespers?  In the movie, supposedly refers to Christmas Eve?), 8 pm

August 3

  • “Isda” (Fish), 5 pm
  • “Busong” (Pregnant), 8 pm

August 4

  • Shorts A, 5 pm
  • “Patikul” (??), 8 pm

August 5

  • Shorts B, 5 pm
  • New Breed Best Picture (“Ang Babae sa Septic Tank”), 7 pm
  • Directors Showcase Best Picture (“Bisperas”), 9 pm

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

The Best Review Self Has Read (So Far) Abt Molly Peacock’s THE PAPER GARDEN

The Paper Garden: Mrs. Delany (Begins Her Life’s Work) at 72, by Molly Peacock, was reviewed in The Economist of 11 June 2011:

Mary Delany  —  aristocrat, gardener, prodigious letter-writer, woman of fashion and friend to George Frederic Handel, Jonathan Swift and King George III, died childless more than 220 years ago.  Yet she left a multitude of vivid, vital offspring:  985 botanically accurate and startlingly beautiful portraits of flowers in bloom, collectively known as the “Flora Delanica.”

Delany started this project as a widow in her eighth decade.  Despite grief, ageing hands and eventually failing eyesight, she invented a new method for creating her flower “mosaicks” :  collaging layers of cut, painted paper onto a dense black background, matching her materials to the papery fineness of a flower’s petal.  In Molly Peacock’s illustrated biography, the results leap out of the darkness of the past, pulsating with life.

Ms. Peacock is a noted American poet, and it shows in her approach:  she repeatedly uses the mosaicks as a simile for the rich and varied life of her subject, which she describes as “so shapely that it feels like a complete work of art, cut and pasted.”  Certainly parts of the narrative read like an 18th century novel:  at 17, Delany was married by her wicked uncle to a 60-year-old drunken squire, who tore her away from her family to live in a rotting Cornish castle.  After he died Read the rest of this entry »


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