A First: The Nothing-Inside-the-SASE Rejection

Today, in the mail (which self eagerly awaits every day, in the hope that she might receive some good news), self spied one of her SASEs.

This accompanies every single story she sends out by snail mail.

Self saw the postmark stamp:  Los Angeles.  Hmm, which journal could that be?

The envelope weighed almost nothing:  self tore it open, and then probed into every corner.

Dismay!  Nothing:  the envelope was absolutely empty.

Which meant she then had to go to her personal spreadsheet of Stories Mailed Out, and search for “Los Angeles,” and the closest thing she could come up with was an address in Beverly Hills, for The Rattling Wall.

Oh, must be The Rattling Wall, then.

She sent them one of her hybrid pieces.

As Howard Junker used to write on his rejection slips for ZYZZYVA (There was always something personal he would add for the budding writer, not simply a “We have read your piece and found it doesn’t suit our needs”):

Onward!  (In other words:  suck it up and quit moaning!)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

4 responses to “A First: The Nothing-Inside-the-SASE Rejection”

  1. Well, that’s a new one. I’ve also received one of Howard Junker’s kindly rejection slips, and I take his advice to heart. One of my not-favorite rejections is from a prose-poetry journal who sent me only this phrase: “I don’t think so.”




  2. Jean,

    I thought Howard Junker was a real hoot. Am sorry he’s no longer editing ZYZZYVA. I remember he wrote on one short story: “More wildness! More!” That was “Extinction,” which he eventually published.

    (Oh, and I recently got an e-mail rejection that was “I don’t think so.” So that makes two of us!)



  3. I take this as a good sign. Your last blog was entered on my birthday in June, 2011. Today I recvd my first SASE and it’s empty. I’m not going to panic, I’m not. (trying to convince myself) Maybe the clerk at the museum goofed…maybe the post man sealed it, I don’t know. But regardless…life is really interesting isn’t it? and so we go on…….


    • Going on is a triumph in itself. May you have many more SASEs, because you can’t get to the nice acceptances without going through mountains of rejections first. It’s called “trial by fire” 🙂 Artists have to be tough!


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