Beauties at the Smyth Hotel, This Evening

This evening, self attended Penny’s birthday party at Plein Sud, in the Smyth Hotel at Broadway and Chambers.  Penny’s husband Thomas was snapping away like an awfully good husband, and self’s nephew William was kind enough to accompany self, and there was an open bar and self had a mojito and half a flute of champagne, and Penny looked ravishing in a beaded short dress, and here is a picture of her daughter Natalie, off to USC, and Natalie’s friends, two off to Tulane and one to Chapman in California (which self knows has an excellent Creative Writing Program), and it was so nice to be out on this warm New York evening, and afterwards William and self had dinner at a small Korean restaurant on Mercer, between Houston and Prince.

Penny's daughter Natalie (far right), all grown up, with friends

Self met a friend of Penny’s who was connected to Symphony Space.  “Have you heard of Symphony Space?” she asked self.

Has self heard of Symphony Space?  You bet self has heard of Symphony Space!  It was all self could do to restrain herself from throwing herself at this woman’s feet and saying, “Isn’t it about time Symphony Space had a story by a Filipina?”  OMG, self just wanted to faint.

Self introduced William to Thomas, and William said as an opener, “My aunt tells me you’re involved with a museum.”  And Thomas responds:  “Which one?”

BWAH.  HA.  HA.  HA.

We even met Thomas’ cousin who’s visiting from Ireland, who talks exactly as you would expect an Irishman to talk, and poured everyone shots of whisky.

In the cab on the way back to the upper East Side, self placed a call to son.  And wonder of wonders, he picked up.  His last exam is tomorrow.  Self wished him luck, and also got him to talk to his cousin William.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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