Final Episode of “Justified,” Season 2: Pray There’s a Season 3!

Tonight is the final episode of “Justified,” Season 2.

It’s been, overall, a great season.  Self watched most of the episodes.  And last week’s, with the shocking death of a character close to Raylan (Self will not reveal who, in case dear blog readers missed the episode and have a chance to watch it in repeats), was the best yet.

Timothy Olyphant was made to play Raylan Givens.  His affable charm, the low-slung jeans, the stance, everything —  self can’t imagine anyone else inhabiting the part.

This season introduced a number of new characters, with two pivotal recurring roles:  Mags Bennett (The actress who plays her, Margo Martindale, is just phenomenal.  Self recognized her in a small role in “Win Win,” as a divorce lawyer) and her twitchy loser of a son, Dickie (played by Jeremy Davies, typecast —  he played another uber-loser in “Saving Private Ryan.”  Also in “Ravenous.”  In fact, has Davies ever had a role where he doesn’t play either a wimp or a loser?).  There were two guest spots played by actresses who looked so similar (long brown hair, rather long face) that self kept interchanging them and getting her plot lines mixed up.  Hubby told her they were two different roles:  one was a marshal and the other was a coal mine executive who Raylan has to protect.  But why did the producers have to get two actresses who looked so similar?

The actress who plays Loretta, the 14-year-old girl orphaned when the Bennetts murder her father, is also excellent —  she has the right kind of face, anyway:  heart-shaped, blank, perfect.  She also deals pot to her classmates and knows how to handle herself when a pedophile starts showing undue interest.

Last week’s episode was by far the most riveting.  There was more background music, too, which helped (Self thinks there have been far too many episodes with absolutely no music.  The total absence of music sometimes had self wondering whether the show was having some kind of budget issue — ?)

Best scene from last week was when Raylan visits Mags in her store.  As she tries to leave, he puts a hand against her (upper?) chest.  With anyone else, that gesture would have seemed a violation.  With Timothy Olyphant it just seemed so —  in character.  Firm, but gentle.  And the lady never flinched!  Only gave him a withering glance. (Since Mags is a massive woman, the upper part of her chest looks like a shelf.  Perfectly right, then, that Raylan should think of using it as such — BWAH HA HAAA!)

In last week’s episode there was no Jacob Pitts and no Erica Taziel.  Aside from one episode that focused on Erica (which self enjoyed), there seemed to be far less of these two, this season.  Aww, if there is a Season 3, which self sincerely hopes there will be, she hopes they cut the scenes with Winona (Natalie Zea) in favor of giving more air time to Pitts and Taziel, and even to Nick Searcy, who plays Raylan’s deliciously sardonic boss.

Self thought she would never get used to the reduced presence of Ava, who was one of the spiciest things in Season 1.  Though the ex-wife has moved front and center, self still doesn’t like her as much as Ava!  But that relationship hasn’t ruined the show, thank goodness.

Only seven more minutes!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

4 responses to “Final Episode of “Justified,” Season 2: Pray There’s a Season 3!”

  1. Nice write up. I just happened upon it looking for the date of the Season 3 opener.

    Couldn’t agree more about Ava. I liked her with Raylan so much better than Goggins gf.



  2. RE: Ava, I particularly love whenever she points a gun 🙂 Isn’t that how Season One started. She has a really earthy quality, which I love. (As Season Two ended with Ava bleeding on a couch, I sincerely hope the producers don’t mean to finish off her character!)


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