Zack Reunion: Manilatown Heritage Center, Kearney Street, San Francisco

Tea at House of Nanking on Jackson St. While Waiting for Niece (Those Are Tiny Rosebuds Floating in the Tea!)

Two of Self's Favorite People (Self Loved Niece's Jacket! And Zack's Barong)

Edwin Lozada, Zack, Self (Blurred, But What the Hey)

The Sweetest Little Babe in the Whole Wide World: Liza Erpelo's Precious Aubrey

Proud Moment: Zack & the Barong, Liza & Aubrey, Jeremy (Proud Papa)

One of the best nights ever.  Zack + Wilma Consul + Joel Tan and his Tattoos = Stellar.

Audience participation via cue cards (held up periodically by Joel Tan) = Inspired.

Barb and her questions for Zack = Extremely Nourishing Brain Food (1)

Liza Erpelo, briefly sans baby, talking to self about the extremely untimely demise of Phoebe Snow = Extrememly Nourishing Brain Food (2)

Zack’s Leche = Instant Classic

Karen Tei Yamashita sitting unobtrusively directly behind self = Excitement

Joel Tan saying he could accompany self to Bacolod next time she goes = Priceless.

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