American Booksellers Association Indie Choice Awards

From the ABA website:

The winners of the 2011 Indies Choice Book Awards reflect the spirit of independent bookstores nationwide and the IndieBound movement. Book of the Year winners and Honor Award recipients are all titles nominated by ABA member booksellers to the 2010 Indie Next List.

The 2011 winners are:

Adult Fiction: Emma Donoghue’s Room
Adult Nonfiction: Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken
Adult Debut Book of the Year: Karl Malantes’ Matterhorn
Young Adult Book of the Year: Jennifer Donnelly’s Revolution
E. B. White Read-Aloud Award – Middle Reader: Tom Angleberger’s The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
E. B. White Read-Aloud Award – Picture Book: Peter Brown’s Children Make Terrible Pets

The prize for “Most Engaging Author” went to Laurie Halse Anderson, “for her exceptional involvement and responsiveness during in-store appearances and for having a strong sense of the importance of indie booksellers to their local communities.”

Runners-Up for Adult Fiction:

Runners-Up for Adult Nonfiction:

Late last night, self finished Ben Macintyre’s (absolutely fab) Agent Zigzag and began Laurence Bergreen’s Marco Polo:  From Venice to Xanadu.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Siquijor Again: Santos

A Collection of Santos in a Siquijor Church

Self’s guide asked if she wanted to see beaches.

No, she said.

He told her a funny story about how San Agustin became his town’s patron saint.

The guide was 40 years old and he never lived anywhere except Siquijor.  And it didn’t seem like he wanted to live anywhere else other than Siquijor.

Self had him bring her to Mount Bandilaan.  She belatedly realized that she was wearing the wrong clothes for mountain-climbing:  skirt and flip flops.  Ha!  The guide led her up a rusted viewing platform.  There were three plain wooden crucifixes next to the platform.  Then, self realized that it was very, very quiet up there, and that there was not one single other person with her —  other than the guide, of course.  She wondered if the guide noticed that self had suddenly become rather skittish.  She kept sidling away from him until there were at least three yards of space between them, and in the meantime she kept gabbing away like an idiot.  Then self suggested we head back.  The guide had to half-carry her, most of the way down:  it had just rained, and the paths were muddy and several times self came very close to landing on her butt (Since she was wearing a bright green skirt, the brown mud-stains would have looked especially revolting, like she was some escapee from a nursing home who’d forgotten her diaper).  Self thought:  of all the cockamany ideas …  The man, however, was very respectful and didn’t make any jokes about how self was clinging to his back.

Another thing about Siquijor:  When you leave, they ask you to sign your name on a kind of census sheet.  And you have to put down your age.  Self asked:  Why is it necessary to put down your age?  And no one could tell her why.  So she wrote, next to her name:  35.  BWAH.  HA.  HA.  HAAAA!  At that, she was still one of the oldest visitors.  At least, on that day in December.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

What Travel Movie Most Inspires You?

Self in dire need of distraction today, because


in the middle of her living room floor, where li’l crit Gracie’s pillow used to be

is a great big


But self doesn’t want to talk about it.

Let’s see

What was she up to in this post?

Oh yes, she was asking:  What travel movie most inspires you?

This evening, self was browsing through the Moon Travel Guides website (She loves the Moon Travel Guides:  each book is a tome, hefty like a dictionary, and chock full of information.  Better than Lonely Planet or the Rough Guides or, certainly, Frommer’s).  Readers were asked to vote on which of the following travel movies most inspired them:

(This list is so lame.  There are so many many other movies that are deserving of inclusion in a survey of “most inspiring” travel movies.  Movies like “Out of Africa” or even the Bourne movies.  Or how about “Cairo Time” or “A Little Romance”?  Or “A Room With a View”?  Or “Before Sunrise”?  Self is keenly aware that these last couple of choices are all romances —  but anyhoo!)

Self chose “The Motorcycle Diaries.”

Guess what won?

“Eat Pray Love.”

BWAH.  HA.  HA.  HA!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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