“Source Code” : A Solid B

Self was never a big Jake Gyllenhaal fan.

Her friend, S____ on the other hand:  After seeing “Brokeback Mountain,” S____ was absolutely smitten.  And she is the mother of two grown boys.

Today, self headed to the Redwood City Century 20, badly in need of some comforting diversion.  Showing at the Century 20 were “Game”, “Hop” (an Easter movie, obviously, from the title), “Insidious” (too scarily intense for self), “Source Code”, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” (which self heard out-did “Sucker Punch” at the Box Office), “Sucker Punch” (which self still wants to see, just because it’s directed by the same guy who gave us “300” and gorgeous Tom Wisdom: Zack Snyder), “Limitless” (described by Salon.com as “stupid”), “The Lincoln Lawyer” (Already seen:  A), “Paul” (Niece G said she saw this one but self forgets whether she liked it), “Battle:  Los Angeles” (34% on Rotten Tomatoes), “Jane Eyre” (Self is reserving this for a time when she might need a really good, cathartic cry), “Mars Needs Moms” (On two screens:  One who has “done” with the kid-rearing will definitely never see a movie with “Needs Moms” in the title), “Red Riding Hood” (11% on Rotten Tomatoes), “The Adjustment Bureau” (Seen several weeks ago:  B), “Rango” (Please, no more animation for self), “Gnomeo and Juliet” (See comment for “Rango”), and an Oscar hold-over, “The King’s Speech.”

So, it was practically a no-brainer that “Source Code” would be the movie for self to see today.

The opening minutes, self must admit, were not that encouraging:  Jake Gyllenhaal appeared so bland.  Michelle Monaghan, on the other hand, was quite perky, and is a genius at eye-twinkling  —  or that thing actresses do with their eyes when they want to project winsome allure.

But, Jake had to go back and do the same scene over again.  And again.  And again.  And again.  Self forgets how many times he had to go back and do the scene over.  But the amazing thing was:  Jake did get markedly more watchable with each re-play of the same scene (!!!)

In the meanwhile, there was Jeffrey Wright enunciating each word like he was Laurence Fishburne in “The Matrix.”

And there was Vera Farmiga who —  OMG, that woman can do the most fantastic thing with her lips, where she moves them to one side of her face and manages to pull off looking skeptical as well as intelligently focused.  Her eyes are incredibly large, and she has a very nice chin which shows off to great advantage when she has to turn away from Mr. Gyllenhaal and address someone or something off-screen.

She had one flirtatious scene with Jake, towards the end, which made self want to jump up and yell:  GO FOR IT, VERA!  YOU GO, GIRL!

Only, self didn’t understand anything Jeremy Wright said about “source codes” and parallel realities.

Jake thinks he is in Afghanistan with his men, but he is actually in a source code, and there is only one way for the code to move, which is (according to Jeremy Wright’s character) forward.  But then, what enables the scene to repeat?  And repeat?  And repeat?  That is not what self would call “moving forward.”  That is what self calls stuck.  S-T-U-C-K.  But self stuck with it, hoping against hope that Jake and Vera would tie one on, so to speak.

Alas, self cannot tell dear blog readers whether they actually do succeed in going out on a date, because then that would be considered a spoiler.  Suffice it to say that for 9/10 of the movie, Jake Gyllenhaal is stuck talking to Vera Farmiga through a small screen.  Where is the justice?  Damn verisimilitude!  Give us a smooch between these two, right now!

Rating for “Source Code” :  B

Or:  six out of 10 stars.

Stay tuned.

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