Best Line from “Splice”

The line is uttered by female fake scientist (played by Sarah Polley) to spouse (played by always-believable Adrien Brody), who is also a scientist but more than that, is a loyal husband, which causes him to abandon all sense of scientific detachment (Self means: he accedes when his wife dresses up the monster in blue, puff-sleeved dresses, hides her in the lab, and gives her a name, Dren — ha ha ha)

Female Scientist (to Adrien Brody): “If you could understand crazy, it wouldn’t be crazy.”

This is after lovable mutant child has just slaughtered someone/something in the lab. Self wasn’t sure, it could have been a human. There was a lot of blood. And self was in the kitchen, trying to plan what to cook for dinner.

The movie becomes more interesting, though: the human mother reveals a sadistic streak, the monster becomes more human (even, at times, angel-like, with great, flapping wings). The question becomes: Who is the real freak here? The mother who cuts off her monster-baby’s tail to stifle her impulses, or the monster who craves intimacy?

What is love, anyway? The scientist couple toss that word around a lot, which is ironic, given the fact that they are supposed to be — uh — scientists. (But just because one is a scientist doesn’t mean one cannot feel. And — self, where exactly are you going with this? Once again, you are lost. Lost in the thicket of your own digressions)

Isn’t love, the movie seems to be saying, just a rationalization of the scientists’ desire to control? Another?

And does saying one “loves” another entitle one to obedience? Respect? Submission?

Self also likes this line:

Corporate-type Woman to Fake Female Scientist:  “Your Dren turned out to be a collection of unimaginable chemical mysteries.”


The adolescent monster/baby is played to stunning effect by a French actress named Delphine Chanéac. Even in real life, the actress’ eyes are very wide apart and — oh my, this movie is so full of unexpected twists and turns!

Back to watching.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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