Post-Philippines Day 2

Today self went to Costco and purchased garbanzo beans.

Why?  Because that was on an old grocery list she doesn’t even remember writing, but which she dredged up from her desk drawer yesterday.  She has no idea what she wanted the garbanzo beans for.  A Mexican chipotle dish?  To mix with salad greens?

She also bought Benadryl, which she uses to help tame her insomnia.  And Salonpas, for an extremely stiff neck.

She drove hubby to the office —  thankfully, not at his usual departure time of 5 a.m.  But she did wake up early anyway:  the dogs were whining to be fed.

She’s begun reading back issues of Vanity Fair.  There are four issues still wrapped in plastic:  November and December 2010, and January and February 2011.  The March 2011 (the annual Hollywood issue, this one with Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway, and James Franco on the cover) arrived just today.  In the October 2010 issue, the one with Lindsay Lohan on the cover, which she was halfway through when she left in January, she learns that “The Killers” front man, Brandon Flowers, has issued a solo album.  She skips all the usual chit-chat about new perfume launches and “in” restaurants.

This morning, self saw that a tree in the yard of the neighbor directly across the street is absolutely covered in white blooms, and that the yellow Rabble Rouser rose bush by her front door is also blooming.  It feels like spring.

She tried, for the third or fourth time, to reach Dearest Mum.  As usual, she was out.  She’s been sleeping at Jun’s, the maid said.

Aside from this, there is no news about either the Philippines or Bacolod:  it’s as though the people self spent so much time with,  just a week ago, have simply vanished —  poof!  No Big House, No Ida, No L’Fisher Chalet, No Manang Elenita or Manong Genray or Manang Marilou or Mae.  No Lacson Street with the red Chinese lanterns.  No Ecology townhouses.  No Zack.

Oh, wait, there is something:  this nasty nasty cough, a last, stubborn souvenir of her trip.  A mere tickle at the back of her throat during her last days in Manila, it bloomed, finally, on the plane home.  Yesterday, when she spent most of her time driving hubby all over the place, it smote her down and kept her up half the night.

Oh Gods of Sleep, please let self have some rest tonight.  So that she can awaken bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for work tomorrow.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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