Looking Back: Bacolod, January 2011

Self survived Delta Flight 58 from Narita! Finally arrived in San Francisco, only six hours off-schedule.


Now she’s feeling quite nostalgic about the trip just ended. Here’s a list of her favorite things.

Favorite Bacolod masahista: MariJoy (Never mind which spa she works in; self does not want to broadcast this to the world, of course! Otherwise, Marijoy will be swamped with customers and next time self goes to Bacolod, she won’t have time for self!)

Favorite Manila masahista: Tall, beautiful Abigail from Marinduque, who told self a month ago that she was pregnant with a man who now shuns her.

Favorite House: the Daku Balay on Burgos Street, Bacolod City

Next Favorite House: the Gaston House in Manapla

Next Next Favorite House: the Balay Negrense in Silay

Best Home-cooked Meals: dinner with Tita Lily da Silva (crabs, empanadas, you name it); last night in Manila with Dearest Mum: self finished a whole bowl of bihud, and she didn’t even ask Dearest Mum if she wanted any, just took the whole thing and dumped it over her rice.

Best Fresh Lumpia: Bailon Fastfood, San Sebastian Street, Bacolod

Best Mass: San Sebastian Cathedral, Bacolod

Most Intriguing Town: Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental

Best Weather: Negros Occidental in January (Love the gentle rains, love all the green-ness)

Trip Self Feels Most Badly About Not Making:  Catching the Ferry to Iloilo:   Her mother’s mother was from there.  She was a Hautea, and her family used to own farms near Jaro.  But Lola never returned to Iloilo after she and Lolo moved to the States.  And none of her children showed any interest in going back, not even for a visit.  In self’s suitcase, during this last trip, was a copy of her grandparents’ wedding picture, a reminder that this was one trip she had to make.  But self found she couldn’t forsake the cocoon of L’Fisher so easily:  the massages available 24 hours a day (Self found out that the hotel currently employs 17 masahistas —  which was, according to one girl, not nearly enough!), the breakfasts of chorizo, scrambled eggs and garlic fried rice, the restaurants on Lacson Street.  Alas, after only a few days in Bacolod, languidness set in and infected her very bones.

And now, self sincerely hopes she can spend the next couple of months writing like mad (Of course, in between teaching, taking care of hubby, taking care of house, taking care of Gracie — who did just fine while self was away: Yay, San Carlos Pet Hospital saved the day! — and taking care of the garden)

The Bay Area looked so beautiful from the airplane window, on the approach to San Francisco. And self’s nice seatmate turned out to be related to the poet Luisa Igloria!

Now, if only self hadn’t landed in San Francisco with dripping nose and such a nasty cough.

Checked e-mail: Drew saw “Nixon in China” last night at the Met. He called it “amazing.”

Checked snail mail, found out who won the Indiana Review Fiction Prize (HA HA HA)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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