Happiness of the Day

It was a gorgeous day, just gorgeous!  The trees around the backyard are all changing color.  Self thinks the garden in autumn is spectacular.  Her Climbing New Dawn rose, which never bloomed all summer, is now blooming:

Self saw the new Harry Potter movie.  It was not bad.  No, it was actually good!  Self was never languishing.

Spoiler Alert!

The only chees-y moment was seeing young Harry and Hermione nekkid and enthusiastically snogging before a stupefied (and fully clothed) Ron.

Also, there was an awful scene of a woman floating upside down and bleeding over a long table staffed with Lord Voldemort and underlings.  Which, coming as it did close to the beginning, must have been pretty hard for the young ‘uns in the audience to take.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the parents sitting around self were so spellbound they forgot to warn the little tykes to close their eyes.

Self had no idea why, late in the movie, a crone turned into a fanged snake.

Sometimes she could not understand what Harry & Co. were talking about.  But understood they were referring to events long gone.

Anyhoo, what self has come to appreciate so much about the Harry Potter movies is the physical setting:  London, Hogwarts, lonely crags, and so forth.  No Hogwarts, this time, but where were those places, all gloomy heather and grey skies, where Hermione kept transporting the three-some by means of her spells?  (Self hoped near Hawthornden; she was offered a chance to go in 2011 or early 2012)

In this movie, self loved the bottomless Hermione bag.  And the fact that, though Emma Watson has undeniable magnetism, in this installment Hermione’s boobs were somewhat less on display.  And the various tents:  they were all so, so —  capacious.

And Rupert Grint has grown on self to the point where she thinks she likes his performance the best of that of all the three leads.

And she was ecstatic over the new Narnia trailer, which finally showed glimpses of Ben Barnes’ face.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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