Kanlaon Having Equivalent of Bad Hair Day

No sidebars this morning.

No older posts link.

No menus.

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Decided last night to fiddle with “accessibility,” wondering how to lessen the angry spam (a lot of those, in unprintable language), ended up going overboard, which I guess is what happened to Mickey Rourke in the plastic surgery department.

Kanlaon ended up limping:  now there are gaping holes where previously nice Archives and Links used to be.

This is what happens when you fiddle with a good thing, etc etc

On the other hand, perhaps this is better.  No one really needs to know what messes percolate inside self’s brain, on a daily basis.

On the other hand, self misses the “look.”

This is what happens when you age.

You become totally irrational over inconsequentials.

Looks, for instance.

Imagining your cheeks have caged in, your eyes are gaunt.

Although self (five years ago) was greeted with this comment:  “Have you lost weight?  Your face looks longer.”

Oh, longer as the result of age!  Who knew?  And not “longer” as in:  Before, your face was as round as the moon, and now it is chiseled and you finally have cheekbones.

No, longer as in:  Now you look like your eyebags are drooping to the floor.

Self!  Be still!  Can’t you just be still ?!!##

Food For Fines

Self was in the downtown Redwood City Library today.  She received e-mail notification that a book she’d requested was available for pick-up.  And self drove there all agog.  And found that the copy was in Spanish.  And why should that be when she requested the English translation?  It took library staff almost 15 minutes to clear her hold fee and figure out how to specifically request an English translation.

Another complication was that the book self had in her hand, the one in Spanish, had title Sefarad.  While the English versions were called Sepharad.  And self had the devil of a time explaining that these were one and the same book.

Anyhoo, the requested item might not arrive before self leaves for the Philippines (There are only four copies in the entire Peninsula Library system, and none of the copies are in adjoining cities)  Self might have to begin the process all over again after she gets back, boo.

But it’s not as if self doesn’t have enough to read, OMG.  Orlando Figes’ Natasha’s Dance alone, which is one of the books self is thinking of stuffing into her suitcase, is 600 pages.  (Self, shouldn’t you give your arms a break?  You’ve been lugging around that hardcover copy of Dickens’ Bleak House for over a week now!  If you tote that around Manila, Dearest Mum will surely think you are nuts!)

So here’s a flier self started perusing while standing around in the lobby, waiting for her hold to be cleared:


From Nov. 15th through December 30, bring non-perishable food items to one of the participating libraries (Atherton, Belmont, Brisbane, East Palo Alto, Foster City, Half Moon Bay, Millbrae, Pacifica Sanchez, Pacifica Sharp Park, Portola Valley, San Carlos and Woodside) and your library fines will be waived.  You’ll be providing food to those in need, too!

Food must be in store-sealed cans, boxes, or plastic containers within its expiration date.  No glass containers, perishable food or opened containers.

Valid only for library material from Redwood City Public Library and San Mateo County Public Library.  Not valid for lost or damaged items, collection or printing fees.

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