12 Days

12 Days to Manila.

To boarding Air China (or is it China Air? Self, must you digress?) and the long lay-over in Beijing.

Self should have one of her Chinese professors’ books with her: something about Mencius or Confucius, to render orderly the dis-order of Manila politics.

No, she should have Karen Tei Yamashita’s I-Hotel, which is a great, unruly book, full of voice, voice, voice.

No, she should have Nassim Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness, in case she finishes Bleak House on the plane (not likely, but anyhoo).

Did self ever share with dear blog readers the fact that once, on a flight back to the Bay Area from Chicago, she found herself seated next to a woman about her own age or a bit younger, who never lifted her head, not once, from a thick hardbound book? As the plane taxi-ed to the gate, self couldn’t resist leaning over and saying, “I’ve got to ask you what you’re reading!  You never looked up once during the flight.  That must be some book.”

The woman said, Twilight.


(And here comes hubby. So, to be continued)

Two Responses to Preview of “The Eagle,” Starring Channing Tatum

Sunday, while niece G and self were awaiting the start of dud science fiction Skyline, we were treated to a preview of a film called The Eagle.

Holy Smokes! Channing Tatum as a gladiator? Or, anyway, as someone who has to retrieve a Roman eagle (not an animal, an army standard) from dastardly barbarian hordes? Why had self never, ever heard a thing about this upcoming movie?

Self was all agog. Niece was not that taken, until — until self suddenly heard her whisper, “That’s the guy in Billy Elliot!”

Billy Elliot who?

Oh, niece meant the actor. Oh, that’s Jamie Bell. Yes, he is all grown up. Hey, not bad. For a moment, self thought it was Eddie Redmayne.

After that, niece G was somewhat more anticipatory.

So, here we go: there were a lot of battle scenes, and lots of close-ups of the two male stars, and self is so grateful she got to see this preview, for it did inject a positive note of optimism into the wait for Skyline to begin.

This evening, self decides to try and find out a little bit more about this movie. Lands on Gawker. Reads: ” . . . the Roman period piece The Eagle, about animate bologna column Channing Tatum . . . ”

What ? What ? What ?

Anyhoo, self decides she will still watch it, if only so that she can witness a movie with plot along the lines of “Once I was your slave, now I am your leader” (which is pretty rich of you, self, since you haven’t even read a single plot synopsis. Not, at least, in its entirety)

Self wishes to inform dear blog readers that Gawker.com, one of her “indulgences,” was started by Nick Denton, who was recently featured in The New Yorker, and who started (according to the article) a gazillion other blogs, among which is another of self’s favorites, io9.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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