The New Five-O is the New Awful

Self can’t resist, simply can’t resist getting into this one hammer and tongs!

She read Heather Havrilesky’s review on, and left a comment (Self loves Heather Havrilesky.  She’s been reading forever because of Heather.  Right away, dear blog readers know where self is coming from.  So, don’t bother to read the rest of this post if you hate HH)

First of all, self watched the second episode of this show while she was at the San Jose Fairmont.  Waiting for Dearest Mum to wind up her fab dinner with President Noynoy and assorted party.

A few days later, while having lunch at the Burlingame Country Club with Dearest Mum and assorted aunts, one of self’s aunts proclaimed her enthusiasm for the show, and swooned over Scott Caan, saying he was the perfect rendition of his father, James.

So, self checked out a few more episodes, and —

No, Scott Caan does not look the slightest bit like James Caan.

Self left a comment (No. 15) on Heather’s review.  And, this always happens:  self leaves a comment, and suddenly there are 50 comments after hers.  This time was no exception (Perhaps self should call this blog The Kanlaon Post, or something)  There are people hating on her, hating on Heather, defending Grace Park (whose character on “Five-O” is a limp dishrag compared to what she played on “Battlestar Galactica.”  In fact, she has no character on “Five-O.”  Only a cute face and a great body)

OK, bring on the hate, Five-O lovers!

Stay tuned.

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