Giants, the Movie: Now Self Has Seen It All, Part 2

Possible casting choices (as suggested by Buzzsugar) to play our beloved San Francisco Giants pitchers in the sure-to-follow Hollywood movie !!!

  • For The Beard:  Ryan “The Notebook” Gosling (Buzzsugar :  “He has the eyes”)
  • For Lincecum:  Adrien “The Pianist” Brody (Buzzsugar:  Brody has “the right bone structure and slight frame” —  BWAH HA HAAA!)
  • For Madison Bumgarner:  John “The Office” Krasinski
  • For Matt Cain:  Justin “Needs No Introduction” Timberlake —  primarily, it seems, for the curly hair (???).  Self thinks a better choice would be John C. Reilly.  Reilly might be a tad old, however, to play the 26-year-old pitcher.

As for the rest of the Giants players:

  • For Cody Ross:  Eric “Grey’s Anatomy” Dane
  • For Buster Posey:   Eddie Redmayne (Lately of “Red”:  Buzzsugar says Redmayne is a “dead ringer” for baby-faced Posey)
  • For Edgar Renteria:   Robbie “One Tree Hill” Jones
  • For Freddie Sanchez:   Freddie “Six Feet Under” Rodriguez
  • For Aubrey Huff:  Steve Zahn (Oh boy, for this one self is in 100% agreement!)
  • For Juan Uribe:  Kenan “Saturday Night Live” Thompson (Also like this casting!)

What about dear blog readers?  Got any suggestions of your own!  Bring ’em on! Headlines Say It All

On this Election Tuesday (Carly Fiorina is on the news, speaking from a podium.  Self has to admit:  That is one fabulous red dress!), self sees the following headlines on

  • Progressive hero Feingold defeated by wide margin
  • GOP House hopeful who killed unarmed Iraqis loses
  • Oklahoma voters approve ban on Sharia law
  • And there goes the House . . .
  • Will Senator Rand Paul sell out Representative Ron Paul?  (Self admits she sometimes gets confused over these two people.  Isn’t there even a drag queen named Ru Paul?)

Meg Whitman is still refusing to concede (It is late, 11:20 p.m.), but hey who cares, Jerry Brown has already given his victory speech in Oakland.  Proposition 19, which would have legalized marijuana use, went down —  by a wide margin!  Self read somewhere that Sean Parker (recently famous again because of “The Social Network” and being played by Justin Timberlake) contributed to this initiative.

Addendum:  Meg just conceded, about 11:30.  She was wearing a muted lavender suit.  After the excitement of the Giants in the World Series, self had to dig deep to dredge up any kind of emotion about these elections.

All of a sudden, self remembers:  The Giants’ big victory parade is on the morrow.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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