Not Many Kids Out Tonight

For the first Halloween ever, self is left with a whole bag of candy.  Good thing she got Snickers (which she hates), otherwise she’d be tempted to eat everything!

Self asked one group of kids, “Not watching the game?”  They told her they were keeping up on the radio.  So far this evening, self has seen:  Spiderman, Pocahontas, several Vampires, an Incredible Hulk, two Filipino kids dressed as Count Draculas, a Gorilla, a Vampire/Maid (flourescent blue mini, fishnet stockings, black curly-haired wig, high-heeled black pumps, two black eyes, and two fangs), as well as some Giants players.

Lately, when self walks the li’l crits, she hears shouts, exclamations emanating from the houses she passes.  This October has been so much fun!

Tonight’s game:  Uribe, how could you have dropped that ball in the 7th?  (Self still loves you).  Bumgarner, you are amazing.  Every time self remembers that you are only 21, she has to pinch herself.

This afternoon, hubby and self went to see “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.” This one was self’s favorite of all the three films in the series.  Or perhaps it’s just that the characters have grown on her.  But no, it’s also due to the fact that in this one, Lisbeth isn’t getting violated or being beaten to a pulp.  Also, she dispenses with the smoking.  In fact, for much of this film, she is in the hospital recovering from no less than three bullet wounds, including one that has penetrated her skull without causing any discernible brain damage.  (Why do characters in movies always have to smoke in order to show that they are deeply pondering?  The only actor who doesn’t do this on a regular basis is Ed Norton.  Oh wait, there’s Matt Damon.  Oh wait, there’s Steve Carell  …  never mind)

Self thinks Noomi Rapace is amazing.  WHO are they going to get to play the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, in the American version?  She hears Daniel Craig has been cast as the reporter, the Mikael Blomkvist role.  Now that, in self’s humble opinion, is an excellent choice!

In this Swedish movie, self loves the elegant actress who plays Erika:  Lena Endre.  This afternoon, self found herself taking particular note of the character’s clothes.  First she was in a cuddly white sweater.  Then she was wearing the absolutely cutest tailored white blouse (with pintucks all over) that self has ever seen.  Then she was in a fab red coat and white scarf.  Then she was in a beautiful silk robe.  Then she was back to the white sweater (As it would simply be too unbelievable if she never repeated her clothing!)  The very last shot of her shows her wearing a taupe hooded jacket, and when the camera zoomed in, self noticed the fantastic ruched hood.  Self wants that jacket!

*   Spoiler Alert *

After that scene, we are back to Noomi/Lisbeth.  Mikael, despite having beautiful Erika as a lover, shows up knocking at Lisbeth’s apartment.  Self cringes, thinking:  Don’t do it, Mikael!  Don’t you dare fall into bed with her! It turns out he doesn’t, but it’s not as if every nerve in his body (it is so apparent) isn’t screaming:  I would like to make love to you, Lisbeth!  Because you are the love of my life!

And now self must pause, because the 21-year-old Giants rookie, Buster Posey, has just homered.  YAAAYYY!!!  Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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