Best Movies (So Far, 2010)

The movies self liked best (so far) in 2010.  Self decided to include “Directed by.”  There were a couple of movies self is sorry she missed, like the Joan Rivers documentary, “A Piece of Work,” the sci-fi/horror film “Splice,” and the Bill O’Reilly/Jonah Hill/Marisa Tomei movie, “Cyrus.” And she hasn’t yet seen “The Social Network.”  And, self has to come clean, she isn’t much into animation (Hence, no “Toy Story 3” :

  • The Town (Ben Affleck)
  • Inception (Chris Nolan)
  • Kick-Ass (Matthew Vaughn)
  • The Ghost Writer (Roman Polanski)
  • Mother and Child (Rodrigo Garcia)
  • Please Give (Nicole Holofcener)
  • Restrepo (Tim Hetherington)
  • Winter’s Bone (Debra Granik)
  • Get Him to the Greek (Nicholas Stoller)
  • Dinner for Schmucks (Jay Roach)
  • Get Low (Aaron Schneider)
  • Cairo Time (Ruba Nadda)

Most “Fun” Movie That Made No Sense:  Machete

Worst (a tie):  Salt / The Expendables


Most Enjoyable Performances:  Jeremy Renner and Pete Postlethwaite, “The Town”; Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Cillian Murphy, “Inception”; Chloe Moretz, “Kick-Ass”; Ewan McGregor, “The Ghost Writer”; Naomi Watts, “Mother and Child”; Catherine Keener and Oliver Platt, “Please Give”; Jennifer Lawrence, “Winter’s Bone”; Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, “Get Him to the Greek”; Steve Carell, “Dinner for Schmucks”; Robert Duvall, “Get Low”; Patricia Clarkson, “Cairo Time”

Stay tuned.

Sniffing Around

Self decided to google a few famous people and see who their agents were.  She finds this activity veeery relaxing!  She limited her celebrity searches to anyone she could think of whose last name began with the letter “L.”  How self loves devising these little pastimes!

Here are a few names of famous people, followed by their agents (BTW, self is fairly sure that some of these people are deceased):

  • Jhumpa Lahiri, Eric Simonoff
  • Dalai Lama, Noah Lukeman
  • Wally Lamb, Linda Chester
  • Margaret Lawrence, Jane Chelius
  • Don Lee, Maria Massie
  • Harper Lee, Samuel Pinkus
  • Dennis Lehane, Ann Rittenberg
  • Jim Lehrer, Timothy Seldes
  • Jerry Lewis, Johnny Geller
  • A. J. Liebling, Jesseca Salky
  • Penelope Lively, Emma Sweeney

And that’s it!  The list of famous people whose last names begin with “L” whose representation self looked up today.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Lunch in Hillsborough in the Company of Dearest Mum

Lunch was at the Burlingame Country Club, as guests of a friend of Dearest Mum’s.

In attendance, aside from self and Dearest Mum and her friend, two of self’s aunts.

When we arrived, were greeted by various very thin blonde ladies, all looking as if they’d just returned from the beach (meaning:  deeply tanned).

White-jacketed waiters were all Filipino.  Self felt she was back in the Manila Polo Club.

A waiter explained that the power was out.  So there was no airconditioning.  Not only that, the only food available was a salad buffet.  There was no iced tea, but we could have Diet Pepsi.

Self was wearing this ridiculous, tight, Emilio Pucci blouse that Dearest Mum had given her.  Upon catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror directly over the buffet (That is exceedingly bad placement for a mirror, in self’s humble opinion.  If one looks even slightly overweight, one’s desire to eat is completely extinguished), self thought:  “Methinks I will sign up for the next season of The Biggest Loser.”

In the course of the lunch, self discovered that aunt is completely blown away by the re-tooled “Hawaii Five-O” (Self caught a re-play of the pilot while she was cooling her heels in The Fairmont, last Saturday), and especially by Scott Caan, who self promptly pronounced “ugly.”  The only reason to watch that show, in self’s humble opinion, is Daniel Dae Kim.  And possibly Grace Park.  Who has quite an enviable surfer tan.

And then self learned that the same aunt cannot wait to see “The Social Network” (which self also looks forward to watching, though hubby professes to have no interest)

Let’s see, what else?  Self learned that an aunt who recently passed away was the daughter of a Thomasite, one of the first boatloads of American teachers to come to the Philippines.

Then self heard all talk of what a wicked bridge player Dearest Mum used to be (She used to represent the Philippines in international bridge tournaments, dear blog readers.  Dearest Mum is truly a Renaissance woman)

Then all the aunts flashed pictures of their beautiful grandchildren.  Dearest Mum showed pictures of Ying’s daughter, Anita.  And, seeing how beautiful and how much like Ying she looked, self’s heart gave a lurch.

And that is about all self feels able to write now, dear blog readers.  As she is melting, and the garden is parched, and it is time to water.

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