Grand Central Station, the Filipino Wedding Reception to End All Wedding Receptions

You know, it is a markedly different thing to be showing up in Grand Central Station with a woman wearing a leopard-print coat studded with sequins (Dearest Mum, who else?).  Suddenly, the whole space seems to be anointed with a certain air of elegance, finesse, and je ne sais quoi.  Self has been in Grand Central Station many, many times —  always, flying from one appointment to another, her heels banging the floor as hard as she can make them.  She doesn’t look right, left, above, or below, she just heads for the exits or the train platform.

This evening, self and Dearest Mum were walking at a rather leisurely pace.  So self had plenty of time to gawk.  My, that is one beautiful architectural marvel!  Funny, it was thanks to Dearest Mum that self realized that!

Also, self can never forget this supreme moment:  Dearest Mum saw the Filipino guests in tres bonga evening attire (You don’t understand what “bonga” is until you’ve seen a formal wedding reception in Grand Central:  Just imagine Imelda Marcos to the nth power), congregated on a balcony.  But she didn’t know how to access the balcony, so she goes and accosts two huge, beefy New York city cops, and they just stare at her, at this tiny woman in sequined leopard-skin coat bedecked with jewels, and —  let’s just say, it takes a lot to cause a New York City cop’s mouth to hang open.  Self was left lurking in the background, wondering if the cops thought she was a maid or something.

Anyhoo, shortly thereafter, self and Dearest Mum were able to join the other guests at the wedding reception. A few of the highlights:

  • A Filipino disco band playing the most assaultive disco music self has ever experienced (Not since the days of Donna Summer, etc etc)
  • Among the hors d’oeuvres on the buffet table: a large platter of lechon —  but no lechon sauce!  What’s up with that?  Self refuses to eat lechon without the sauce!
  • The names of the bride and groom, and some kind of heraldic crest, outlined in laser lights along one entire wall
  • A sit-down dinner featuring the renowned chef, Charlie Palmer (of course, the reception was at Metrazur).  Self overheard more than one guest remarking that they couldn’t wait for the food to be served.  Unfortunately, there were many many toasts, and many many speeches, and much dancing.

As to Dearest Mum, every time self craned her neck, she saw her at the front of a crowd of people, swaying by herself to the disco music.  Though self was flat out exhausted by the very exciting events of the day (Self is here for work —  creative work; the timing with Dearest Mum’s visit was pure coincidence.  Fortuitous or infortuitous, only time can tell!), Dearest Mum wanted to partake of the merriment, and drain that glass of pleasure down to the very dregs.  She handed the wedding couple a box filled with something that made the bride shriek, grab Dearest Mum by the shoulders, and SOB!!!  Not even self did that during her own wedding!!!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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