Latest Book Deals, Courtesy of 9/13/2010 PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Latest e-letter from Publishers Weekly has announcement of the following deals:

Fiction Debut

  • Aatish Taseer’s A Tremor in the Earth, “a family saga about Indian, Pakistan, and a young man straddling these two worlds as he attempts to make his way in an environment full of toxicity and moral danger,” to Faber for publication in Fall 2011


  • Author of Governor General’s award-winning The Law of Dreams, Peter Behrens’s Calling Me Through Thunder, “which follows a man and his family during the first half of the twentieth century, as he leaves behind abject poverty to become a North American railroad magnate,” to Pantheon.
  • Winner of the Somerset Maugham Prize for White is for Witching, Helen Oyeyemi’s Mr. Fox, “reinventing of the titular Bluebeard-like English fairytale, in nine variations on a twisted love story about a novelist and his frustrated muse,” to Riverhead Books.


  • Tim Parks’s Teach Us to Sit Still, “about his transformative journey through a debilitating medical condition that eluded diagnosis or conventional treatment, ultimately finding relief through self awareness, Buddhist meditation, and a process of emptying the head, with detours into the realms of literature, art, religion, and philosophy,” to Rodale

There were other fascinating deal announcements, such as The Transformers Vault, “covering more than 25 years of the Transformers Universe history, from the toys to the animated series, live-action movies, comics, and collectable merchandise, and feature never-before-seen images and inside information,” but, alas, self needs to get back to her writing!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Serendipity and Process

When self “lost” her old Blueberry iMac, with all her old files, she steeled herself and responded in stoic fashion. She let the old, worn out computer sit, from February to July.

Then, in a sudden access of energy, she forced herself to visit the Hoover Archives. And on the way there, she found herself stopped at a light behind a white van advertising, and an 800 number.

As soon as self could, she called the number, and spoke to someone who seemed bright (Ha ha ha — this is not as common as one might expect!). She made an appointment to bring her old computer in, to see if they could salvage anything.

The young man who greeted self at the store took one look at her computer and said, “This computer — there’s no reason it should be functional. It’s reaaallly old. You’re lucky it survived this long.”

Yes, the Blueberry was circa 2000, but self still has her original Mac Powerbook, which weighs almost 10 lbs., and it still works!

Suddenly, the young man was showing self a MacMini, and self was smitten by that small package. Hubby was with self and looked at the MacMini specs. “That’s way more computer speed than you’ll ever need,” he said.

Nevertheless, self remembered that son had left behind a perfectly serviceable HP screen, and no one had used it since son got himself a really nifty computer to use at Cal Poly. So, self bought the MacMini, and transferred all the data from the old computer to the new one. And self connected the MacMini to the HP screen on son’s desk, and it was like Nirvana!

Since then (July), self has been in excavation mode. She made it a point to read every single thing on that old computer, files dating back to 2000 — and, Holy Cow! There sure were a lot of stories on there! Stories that self never sent out, that she didn’t even remember writing! And it is so much fun reading them! And self has decided that she’ll try sending some of these out, after sprucing them up, of course. She is glad she took five months to decide that the files on her old computer were worth saving. The loss of the old files was more acute than she anticipated. If self had immediately worked to salvage those old files, she wouldn’t have appreciated their value so keenly.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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