NYTBR 29 August 2010: Books Self Is Interested in Reading

In the same way that self doesn’t know where the summer has gone, she also doesn’t know where her copies of The New York Times Book Review have gone.  One minute, they were piling up in a corner, full of silent reproach.  Next, after emptying all her various piles of stuff, she can only unearth one issue, that of 29  August 2010.

But, anyhoo, that means less work for self!

Here are the books self is interested in reading after perusing the 29 August 2010 issue:

After reading George Johnson’s review of Craig Childs’ Finders Keepers:  A Tale of Archaeological Plunder and Obsession, about the discovery of the Anasazi ruins in what is now Mesa Verde National Park:

After reading Elisabeth Eaves’ review of Rachel Shukert’s Everything is Going to be Great:  An Underfunded and Overexposed European Grand Tour:

  • David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day

After reading Terrence Rafferty’s review of Shirley Jackson:  Novels and Stories, edited by Joyce Carol Oates:

  • Shirley Jackson:  Novels and Stories

After reading Lorraine Adams’ (not uncritical) review of Nadifa Mohamed’s novel, Black Mamba Boy:

  • Nuruddin Farah’s 1968 novel, From a Crooked Rib
  • Nadifa Mohamed’s Black Mamba Boy

After reading Tara McKelvey’s review of Alex Heard’s The Eyes of Willie McGee: A Tragedy of Race, Sex, and Secrets in the Jim Crow South:

  • Alex Heard’s The Eyes of Willie McGee: A Tragedy of Race, Sex, and Secrets in the Jim Crow South
  • Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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