4th Sunday of August 2010: Buying Eggs, Among Other Things

Today was not a very exciting day, dear blog readers. Unless you count: 1) planting a euphorbia amygdaloides; 2) finding out that Maggie Gyllenhaal’s legs — have legs! 3) a trip to three local Trader Joe’s this morning and 4) dropping by Carlmont Nursery in Belmont.

With regards to that Trader Joe’s run, self bought three 4″ containers of mint (spearmint “mentha spicata”) for $2.49 each! Quite a bargain! She also got four huge, heavy lemons for 39 cents each, and a dozen “cage free, organic” eggs. As she was lining up at the checkout, a woman went up to her and said, “You bought eggs!” Self replied, “Oh, these are cage free and organic! Not part of the recall! There’s a sign in front of the eggs, explaining.” The woman then inquired where self had gotten the eggs. So self pointed her to the appropriate aisle.

After that, self took hubby to Carlmont Nursery, because a) he had never been there before, and b) seemed to be in need of some cheering up (Sunday afternoons are always hard — just ask anyone who has a full-time job in the Valley! Self can tell ya, it sucks to be an engineer in California right now!) At the nursery, self discovered that they were having an annual sale: 40% off all “plant products.” People were hauling away huge bags of potting soil like there was no tomorrow. They also had a sale on Weeks roses: Buy one, take one free. And the roses were mostly the vibrant red that self so adores. But they looked rather past their prime. So, self steeled herself against buying.

The nursery has the widest array of Japanese maples self has ever seen (Koshimino, Senkaki, you name it), and also a splendid variety of bamboo and azaleas. Self thinks that if she were ever to decide to have an Asian-style garden, this would be the “go to” place. They also sell lots of beautiful stone water fountains.

Then self went home, and started arranging her new plants in the gardening beds, and watched a horror movie (nothing worth mentioning, the “Creature” was a slimy man who seemed to be wearing his intestines on his head), and did a wee bit of writing, and made chicken curry for tonight’s dinner. Somewhere in there, self found time to engage with hubby in a very lively debate over whether or not there should be a Muslim Community Center two blocks from Ground Zero.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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