Friday the 13th (of August 2010): Watched Men in Suits, Climbing the Walls Like Spiders

Oh dear blog readers, it is again so hot. So so hot that, even if self had wanted to (which she doesn’t), she couldn’t walk the two li’l crits.

Self has just returned from watching “Inception” for the 2nd time.  Downtown Redwood City Century 20 Theater was half full (not bad!)  Scanning the crowd quickly (as self always likes to do), she saw  lone men, and the occasional (middle-aged) couple. During the movie itself,  some people (men, for the most part) were even leaning forward in their seats.

Self likes studying crowd reactions.  Must be a result of all those times watching movies with Dear Departed Dad, and witnessing his responses (like when he clapped at the end of “Platoon”)  When self saw “Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Part 2,” the one with Jessica Biehl, the theater was packed.  Self remembers not being able to raise her eyes during some scenes.  She knew she wasn’t just being wimpy because when she glanced around her, the rest of the teen-agers in her row, and this includes males as well as females, also had their eyes lowered —  BWAH.  HA.  HAAAA!

Tom Hardy is still adorable. Same goes for Leo. Ellen Page is growing on self.  She thinks it helps that Ellen is shorter than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Are Joseph Gordon Levitt’s eyes green or brown? Whatever, they are nice.

Self decided to sprinkle some jalapeño peppers on top of the cheese dip for her nachos. Yuumm!

Best scene: men in suits, clambering around walls like spiders (Just try telling self that Chris Nolan wasn’t influenced by Agent What’s-His-Face in “The Matrix.” Just try and tell self!)

  • Cillian Murphy’s face is all cheekbones. He and Pete Poslethwaite (who plays his Dad) have similarly prominent cheekbones, so apart from the fact that both can act, this is a very nice bit of casting.
  • Self loves Tom Hardy’s semi-growl. Let’s have more movies where Tom Hardy has to growl!
  • Another nice bit of casting is Marion Cotillard vs. Ellen Page. One is all curves and sultry (semi-deranged, it turns out) looks. The other is Ariadne, who is supposed to be a Plain Jane Genius Dream Architect, who is not all that plain (at least, Ellen Page isn’t), who also happens to save Leo’s life! While Marion is “Mal” (Dum-dee-dum, what a name!) who seeks to destroy it!
  • Self loves the ballets where everyone asleep in the van has to move their arms in sync. In fact, self loves all the riding-around-in-a-van scenes.

This time, self paid particular attention to the closing seconds, as she wanted to know what made the young man sitting next to her gasp. Since self presumes everyone who was going to see this movie has already seen it, she feels she can safely discuss.  But, anyhoo, Netiquette compels self to announce:


It had to do with Mal’s “token,” the little spinning thing. Leo sets it on the table just before he goes toward his kids. He sees their faces at last! That’s a good sign! Then the camera goes back to the table: the thing is still spinning. Oh no!  Does that mean —  does that mean Leo is (gasp) still in a dream ??? But, no, isn’t it starting to wobble, just a teensy bit!

Aaargh, she hates that the movie ends without the audience knowing for sure!

Tomorrow, bright and early, self drives down to San Luis Obispo. It’s been over a year. She hopes she can get a good night’s sleep. She contemplated bringing the younger beagle with her in the car, but didn’t know if the car rental company had a regulation against bringing animals.

Self is about a third of the way through Ilustrado.  It is a pretty fun read!  Especially the parts set in Bacolod.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

Maggie Gyllenhaal on Craig Ferguson Last Night

For the first time in her life, self wishes summer were over. The baking heat of the front yard, the sweltering in the non-airconditioned house: she is so over it. Besides, aside from a few gems (like “Inception”), the summer movie season hasn’t, in self’s humble opinion, been all that great.

Last night, self and hubby stayed up late to watch Craig Ferguson, since one of the announced guests was Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Self has (this year) taken great interest in the following actors: Tom Hardy (Wuthering Heights; Inception); Sean Maher (Firefly; Serenity); Timothy Olyphant (Hitman; Justified; The Crazies).

Hubby, on the other hand, has Maggie Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart; Secretary; Nanny McPhee) and Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; The Girl Who Played With Fire)

So, to make a long story short, last night Maggie was on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show. Self stayed up to watch, and — boy, is it ever a long time before Craig gets to interviewing his guests! First of all, he has the pop-up rabbit routine (Last night, rabbit was wearing glasses, self forgets the purported reason), then he has to exchange banter with the skeleton named Geoff. Then he has to go through his e-mails and tweets. For the first time ever, self found herself wishing he would just get on with it.

(Also, last night, Craig was wearing a green suit, which self found rather odd, since it’s nowhere near St. Patrick’s).

Shortly after 1 a.m., his first guest came on, and it was — Betty White! Dressed up as a fireman! Must say, she’s one spry senior citizen! Betty was cute, but self kept muttering, “Get on with it! Get on with it!”

Finally, Maggie herself came out.

Now, of the female guests who have come on Craig’s show, self remembers only two with any clarity: Radha Mitchell, because she appeared wearing a fluffy tuille dress that made her look like Cinderella; and Marion Cotillard, who emerged with straight hair and was so drop-dead gorgeous that Craig simply could not help himself and kept making double entendres while caressing his mug. Ms. Cotillard was very charming and was a good sport.

Last night, Maggie appeared in a long-sleeved black dress that completely covered her (except for her legs, which are grreat. Probably the best legs self has seen on a Hollywood actress, other than Cameron’s). She was wearing very sexy, pointy, high-heeled black pumps. Unfortunately, when she sat down, the camera only showed her from about mid-calf up. Without the legs and shoes to admire, what was there left to look at but — Maggie wearing a shapeless black thing that covered her almost entirely ??!!@

Self must have remarked to hubby about 10x: “Why did she choose that outfit? I must say, it does nothing for her!”

This is a very glowing actress (as anyone who has seen her in “Crazy Heart” can attest), and black really does nothing for her!

(Self, there you go again, criticizing other people’s sartorial style.  You should hear yourself! You sound just like Dearest Mum! But, self digresses)

On to the interview itself:

Three things struck self about the interview: One is that Maggie is a very very cute girl, and has a great smile. Two is that Maggie claimed “This is the longest that I’ve ever been interviewed.” (Maggie, how self-deprecating you are! You were on the cover of Marie Claire not too long ago and, as the featured celebrity, the spotlight was totally on you!) Third is that Maggie told the world that she is thinking of getting a tattoo on the small of her back that says “Mrs. Sarsgaard!” Self thought that was so sweet! How many actresses in Hollywood would want to do that for their husbands? Maybe two and a half! Peter, you are one lucky guy!

Am pretty sure hubby will want to see “Nanny McPhee Returns.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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