Life Is Good/ 30 July 2010 Edition

Life is good, dear blog readers!

Sure, self’s li’l abode isn’t air-conditioned, and the recession is hitting hard on all fronts, and self’s part-time teaching jobs are vanishing into thin air, and hubby’s start-up (which makes the most fabulos-o mystery machine in the whole world) hasn’t been able to sell a single unit since December, and 12 engineers are just sitting around in Fremont biting their nails, and everyone wonders where the hell the Obama-love went, and self has not (so far this year) gotten any of her writing placed anywhere, and she was supposed to go to Scotland in September but got notice that her hosts are having to postpone her residency, but self still persists in thinking life is good.

Why?  Let self count the ways:

She bit the bullet and purchased a Macmini ($570), hooked it up to son’s fabulo-so HP widescreen (He has two other computers, much newer, down in San Luis Obispo), and now she doesn’t have to scrunch over her MacBook when reading e-mail or writing posts or what-have-you.  Success!  Happiness!  Jubilation!  Her posture is much improved.  Now self doesn’t have to end a full day of writing with a crick in her neck.

Since self is only teaching one (on-line) class this fall (for UCLA Extension’s Writer’s Program), she sees no reason, ever, to get out of her pajamas.

Self can now devote more time to gardening (Hopefully, by December she will have planted many many more plants and her garden will be that much greener).

Movies so far this summer have been pretty good.  Here are some recent ones that have made this summer interesting:

  • Winter’s Bone (Jennifer Lawrence looks like a young Jennifer Jason Leigh.  This gal can skin a squirrel, wield a chainsaw, and stand up to her coke-smoking uncle without even breaking a sweat.  Oh, and she also has time to comb her completely “out-of-it” mother’s hair)
  • Inception (’nuff said about this one.  Hot guys, hot guys all over the screen, and one cute little tyke —  Ooops!  Self means Ellen Page!)
  • Toy Story 3:  Greatness, as usual, from Pixar
  • Restrepo:  The U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan comes off as the latest incarnation of the Spartans.  War is evil, and it turns young men into soldiers.  Wait, does that make any sense?

(Hubby wants to see “Salt” this weekend.  Self wants to see “Cyrus.”  Self does tend to defer to hubby’s movie choices, as it makes for more interesting blog posts. We shall see … )

In addition, on TV this summer, there are all kinds of good shows, like “The Good Wife,” “Warehouse 13,” and “Burn Notice.”  And even the nightly news is, of course, always fascinating.

About the only thing that is a little sad is:  self could not finish Sarah Waters’ latest novel, The Night Watch.  She’s been a Ms. Waters fan since reading Fingersmith, several years ago.  Usually, her novels are like sleights of hand:  constructed with elaborate bells and whistles, with an ending that knocks you flat.

Self’s favorite character in The Night Watch was a lad named Duncan.  The first third of the novel takes place in 1947, and just as we see Duncan climbing into some guy’s room through the window (There’s incredible suspense in this scene!), the narrative breaks off and puts us in 1944.

What?  Noooo!  Self hated it.  She skipped the entire 1944 section and went to the novel’s last 50 pages (which go back to 1941).  She found the pages that mention Duncan and read those.  And then the novel ended.  Self wishes Sarah Waters would write a sequel!  One that follows the book’s characters through more of their post-war lives!

Anyhoo, self began reading Claire Tomalin’s Thomas Hardy instead.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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