Oh Happy Day: “Inception” Rocks!

Great alternative titles for “Inception” :

Six Hot Men in a Plane and Ellen Page


Cillian Murphy Gets to Play Good Guy (For a Change), Makes Us Care!


Christopher Nolan Re-Imagines “Citizen Kane”!


Like “Ocean’s Twelve” only in Paris/Mombasa/Snow-Covered Mountains (The Alps? No! According to clothesonfilm, it is a mountain in Canada!)  With furious action!  And Joseph Gordon-Levitt!  Which makes it even better!

OK, enough with the quips.

Self’s not even gonna try and summarize this one.  All she can say is:  by the last half hour, it was pure edge-of-your-seat tension.  As in:  PUH-LEASE DON’T LET THAT GUY WHO REMINDS SELF OF KEANU REEVES DIE!!!  PUH-LEASE!

And:  Let’s see if Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character can tie one on with Ellen Page’s character!

And:  Can Christopher Nolan actually pull off this “Matrix”-like situation?

Answer: Yes, he can!

10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Self will die:  she can’t think of enough superlatives.

The two young guys to her left got there by asking the couple next to her if they wouldn’t mind moving one seat over, so that they could sit there instead of in the very first row.  Then the two young men had to climb into their seats:  the theater was that crowded (First screening at RWC Century 20, which is to say 11:35 a.m.)

At the movie’s final shot, of xxxx (No spoilers here!), the boy sitting next to self gasped.  He actually gasped.  Or made a sharp intake of breath.  Or something of that sort.  Self doesn’t think she’s ever heard anyone have that kind of visceral reaction to the end of a movie (And these were not geek-y young men sitting next to self, dear blog readers.  These were tall, muscular young men!  About twice self’s size!  And wearing surfer shorts!)  It was exciting.

Of course, now, self realizes she cannot actually explain the plot.  It’s like “Memento,” only to the nth power.  She’ll have to see it again. Definitely.

Stay tuned.

“Inception” : To See Or Not to See

    Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer through another Sunday in self’s boiling hot cottage, or to go to downtown Century 20 and suffer through another mindless thriller …

— Kanlaon doing a bad paraphrase of Shakespeare

Self was excited when she first saw the trailers for “Inception” because, well — Leo is still hot! And the trailers were all Leo (well, maybe a minute of Ellen Page), all the time!

Then, she read terrible review on Salon.com and decided no, she would not see it.

Then she read a review on “clothesonfilm” and still didn’t get excited (though those pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt were trés cool!)

Then she read a review on ericsnider.com and — OK! She’ll see it, she’ll see it!

Partly because Eric brings up the fact that he became a Christopher Nolan fan, not because of the “Dark Knight” movies, but because of “Memento” (also one of self’s all-time faves)

And then, and then — self stumbled on this interview on Cinematical with Tom Hardy (who was Heathcliff in a recent TV version of “Wuthering Heights” which had self all swooning, like Cathy! If only there were moors around Redwood City!), and —  does not Tom Hardy look like Keanu Reeves, dear blog readers? Just take a look at this pose @@##!!  HOLY BUCKETFUL OF HOTNESS! It took all her self control not to run to the movie theater forthwith!

Stay tuned.

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