Reading for the Day: John Logan’s “Red”

The Rothko in the excerpt is the painter Mark Rothko, and Ken is his assistant, played by Eddie Redmayne, who garnered a Tony for his performance.

It was a very interesting performance. Self thinks Redmayne pulled it off primarily with his voice, which exhibited an endearing tendency to crack at moments of high tension (which, in this play, occurs every 10 minutes or so. It is a very intense play, dear blog readers!) And Alfred Molina as Rothko was absolutely GREAT.

Penny, self is forever grateful to you for getting the tickets and for taking her to see this play last month!  Self was one of the last two people admitted to the theater before the play started:  she had to catch the subway from Soho and practically flew, flew through Times Square!  Read the rest of this entry »

Such an Excellent Day!

For one thing, self spent five hours in the company of an excellent writer: Ms. Bonnie Melvin from Paris! Yes! This woman is so cool she makes self look like hot, melted butter! Self luuuved her pretty Parisian white eyelet blouse and leggings and straight black hair and deep green eyes and — Bonnie  looked spec-TA-cular!   It is always good for self to be in the company of the spectacular!

Next, Bonnie treated self to lunch. Which — self was an absolute pig and chose New Kapadokia in downtown Redwood City. And had eggplant stuffed with ground beef. And had rice pudding for dessert. And then had the temerity to suggest that Bonnie walk with her to Marble Slab Creamery which, self assured Bonnie, was just around the corner and had the best ice cream concoctions. Bonnie demurred because she was just too full.

And then self got to speak to an agent from L.A. She didn’t know who it was calling, and when she picked up the phone, she said: “Are you from the computer store?” And he replied, “No, I’m an agent from L.A.” Self thought she was being discovered, a la Lana Turner. Then he said self had called him a few days earlier. Oh. Self completely forgot! Yes, she did call him! Blush, blush.

Then, self heard from long-lost classmate in San Gabriel!  Her classmate didn’t know that today was self’s birthday, she just happened to call!

So it was a very, very good day. And, hey, what about that Sean Maher/Jewel Staite kiss on “Warehouse 13” last night? Self can almost forgive the producers putting Sean in purple spandex tights!

If self had any complaints at all about today, it would be that:

  1. Although self kept the TV on “General Hospital,” Bonnie and self still managed to miss the only scene where James Franco/aka character/serial killer “Franco” makes an appearance.  Darn it!
  2. Self did not get to fully explain to Bonnie why she loves science fiction and horror movies so much (Not that self didn’t make a valiant effort!  Still, one afternoon is definitely not enough time to delve adequately into the excellent of the Star Trek re-boot, Adrien Brody’s new geek career, Sean Maher, and so forth and so on.  Bonnie, it is imperative that you make a return visit to Redwood City, if only to gain a fuller comprehension of self’s late-flowering geek-dom!)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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