Does the fact that the person who sends you the rejection letter signs a name, which turns out to belong to a real person (You find out, of course, by googling) — does that make the rejection an “encouraging” one?  Or does the editor always sign her/his name?

Does the fact that nowhere in the letter does it mention the title of your piece —  is that a bad sign?  But, then, how do you know which piece you sent them?  It was such a long time ago!  For that matter, how do they remember?

Today you started writing a new story, and it was so exciting.  For, like, 20 minutes.  Then you remembered that your first line —  you had read it somewhere.  So you decided to google it, just to make sure.  And the first time you googled the line, you drew a blank.  So you kept on writing.  But after a half hour more, you suddenly thought you remembered the name of the writer whose work had that line.  And you googled the line and the writer together, and —  BINGO!  You hit on the story.  Which, yup, had the exact same first line (Short:  only three words.)

And now, you’re wondering:  Is that plagiarism?  Even though it was subconscious?  How could the writer’s story have seeped into your subconscious like that?  It must have been at least a decade since you read that story!

And you got so un-nerved, you decide to quit writing for the day.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

Books Self Is Interested in Reading (After Perusing POETS & WRITERS Page One)

Self is currently reading the July/August 2010 issue of Poets & Writers, the one showing some white guy exposing his bare, intricately tattooed chest to the world (See, Adrien Brody, Taylor Lautner et. al., you aren’t the only ones who can do shirtless!  Writers are perfectly up to doing same!)

She likes reading Page One, the list of quotes from newly published books’ first lines.

Here are the first lines that she found most intriguing:

Random: 2nd Monday in July 2010

The octopus again made the right prediction :  Spain won the World Cup (Oh to be in Spain, getting drunk and dancing in the streets at this very moment!)

Hmm, let’s see:  what are some other matters of note this morning?

  • The gods at io9 have seen fit to grace the world with the trailer for a fictitious TV series called “Simon Tam, M.D.” (Self’s heart overflows with gratitude, io9!)
  • And self read an article written by Benjamin Pimentel (fellow Atenista!) in self’s mailbox when she checked bright and early this morning.  Very interesting, seems Imelda Marcos aka Mother of All Shoe Mavens is now positioning herself as a “human rights victim”?  Here’s an excerpt from Ben’s article, posted on

The newly-elected congresswoman from Ilocos says she will support a bill to compensate those who suffered under the regime of Ferdinand Marcos.

“Because I’m the number one major victim of human rights,” she told reporters.  “I have not had my justice since 1986.”

Truly, this woman is the Queen of Re-invention!  And whoever voted her back into power deserves whatever they get!

On to self’s reading for the day, which is Miguel Syjuco/aka “former student” ‘s first novel (Seven years in the making!  Whew!  That takes tenacity!), Ilustrado.  Here’s a part self loves, on p. 2:

Both The Philippine Gazette and The Sun traded blows with Salvador’s own Manila Times, debating the author’s literary, and indeed social, significance to our weary country.  The Times, of course, declared their dead columnist the waylaid hope of a culture’s literary renaissance.  The Gazette argued that Salvador was not “an authentic Filipino writer,” because he wrote mostly in English and was not “browned by the same sun as the masses.”  The Sun said Salvador was too middling to merit murder.

Intrigued already, dear readers?  Keep reading!

Stay tuned.

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