Modesto, Self Feels Your Pain!

Modesto’s Timothy Olyphant, Star of “Justified,” Left Off Emmy Nominees

—  Headline in Today’s Modesto Bee (

Gnashing of Teeth!!!  His performance was perhaps all too urbane and laid-back, that’s the only reason self can think of to “justify” (Har har har!) his omission from today’s list of nominees.

Self finds it so touching, though, that Modesto roots for its hometown guys!

Here’s the sub-heading:

Beyer grad doesn’t get nominated; “Glee,” “The Pacific” take lead

Self doesn’t watch “Glee” because —  because they don’t have a Filipino in the cast!  Get this:  this is supposed to be a high school Glee Club, OK ???  And almost every ethnicity is represented, except Filipino?  Excuse me, have the producers ever been to a high school?  Have they even heard a Filipino student sing?  Do they know that Prince is a quarter Filipino?  That his lola is from Ilocos?

OK, self, before you get too exercised, “Glee” is supposedly set in Lima, OH.  And self just googled the Filipino population there:  According to, Filipinos are 0.9% of the population.  But, still

Stay tuned.


2 responses to “Modesto, Self Feels Your Pain!”

  1. But Charice will be a guest star next season! Apparently, her character will be an exchange student who gives the resident diva a run for her money (omg, I sound like a copywriter for TV Guide). And Javier Bardem is going to guest star, as well. I can’t quite wrap my head around that one…


  2. Ver,

    As I was posting about the above, I was starting to think of Charice!

    She’ll be perfect! Happy to hear she’ll be guest starring!

    (I didn’t know Javier Bardem could sing — BWAH HA HA. I know, on the other hand, that Antonio Banderas CAN sing … )


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